Ellen Studying Overseas at the University of Aalborg, Denmark

Studying abroad and living overseas is one of the most exciting, scary, happy, sad, crazy times of your life which you may only get one opportunity to do. So take it! I have been studying at the University of Aalborg in Denmark on exchange for 3 months. In that time I have been to The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, England and of course Denmark. That is the absolute beauty of living in Europe.
 So what about the study. I have assimilated into Danish life by buying a bike which I dread riding up the hill to school every day. As the danish students wizz past me everyday I fight with my bike to ensure I arrive to class on time. But that’s half the fun of living in a new place. Winter is here now and it is quite cold but I have developed an addiction to hot chocolate and whipped cream, a love I would never have realised at home. Everyone here is so nice and I’m so lucky to have found a group of amazing international friends.
 Aalborg is quite small and easy to get around, with one big party street.  I am enjoying the relaxed, friendly and hygge lifestyle the Danish people lead here.The university is very helpful and welcoming of all international students.
 And just like that, I have 8 weeks until semester finishes and will be back in Australia. Time flies when you’re having fun. See you all soon!

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