Vanessa Knefeli from HS Worms in Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast


Studying one semester at University of the Sunshine Coast was the best and most interesting, but also sometimes a challenging time of my studies. At my home university in Germany, our assessments were mainly exams and presentations. Becoming adjusted to the assignments at the USC and in particular writing in academical English, took some time and was even frustrating at times. However, the support by the University, like the academic skills advisers or the course coordinators were helping me to overcome the difficulties. When I recognized that I improved from assignment to assignment, the feeling was awesome and pushed my motivation. Now, that I’ve finished all my assessments, I’m almost a bit sad, since this was my last semester of real master studies. Back in Germany, i’m going to write my master thesis and then i’ll be finished. Nevertheless, i’m looking forward to it – especially because I’ll graduate in two master programs thanks to the double-degree opportunity at the USC. I also enjoyed going to such a modern university with its lovely campus. I mean, I can now say I studied with kangaroos hopping around my campus! I’m going to miss the Sunshine Coast and Australia, though I’m sure I’ll be back one day. It’s not only a great place to study, but also for vacation due to the warm, sunny weather all year and the beautiful beaches.

By Vanessa Knefeli

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