Nicole Studying Overseas at Goucher College

My time at Goucher…

…has been amazing! Being international student already at USC I felt pretty prepared for most things. A good thing about Goucher is their InterConnect program that we were fortunate enough to be the first ones to be a part of. The program introduces you to the different things you might go through your time here and where you can turn for help. The best thing about this was to meet people from different part of the world that were as new to the U.S. The FYE (First Year Experience) was also a nice way to get to know more people in the school that are as new as you.

Having had a good start has made the rest of the semester good. Although the work load is very intense and overwhelming, I have a good amount of friends I can share this experience with.  The same experience as I have had on the Sunny Coast, Goucher has provided me with friendships that has made every minute here fun as much as helpful. Even though most of my days consist of studying, I am doing it with people next to me and we all help each other. I think it is the sense of community in Goucher’s spirit. Since the school is not that big all the people you meet you can usually stop and talk with whenever you see them, which I was not expecting coming here. The sense of community is something very interesting since people help one another out and a lot of things are run by students themselves. The campus itself is also beautiful, surrounded by the woods and it has plenty of grass lawns you can sit and read on or just relax in between studies.

As mentioned before, the workload is crazy! However, even though participation in the classroom is a must and readings/homework take up much of my time I have managed to get a lot of knowledge in different fields that can add to my Social Work knowledge back at USC. When you think you can’t expand your knowledge more, just wait until you study or work abroad. Being able to push my limits even further here I have been able to reflect on myself more and see that I am the only one that can limit myself. I may have pushed it a bit by choosing 4 courses from 4 different areas of knowledge, but the amount I have learned from all of those courses I do not regret it.

Goucher has treated me well and I cannot complain about anything so for. The only things I do ever complain about are small things that do not matter in the bigger pictures. I chose a good place for myself to get more understanding of the world and myself, I have friendships I want to keep for life, and I have even more experience and independence added on to my life. I could actually not wish for a better study abroad than the one I have had.

I hope you enjoyed reading this,


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