Christina from FH Wien in Austria studying at USC!

It has definitely been the best decision of my life to study abroad in Australia. I was one of the first Master students of my home university who went to the USC and had the chance of doing a double degree during the exchange semester. Therefore, compared to the Bachelor exchange students, I was unsure, as I didn’t have any references concerning the courses.

As things turned out, the Orientation days at the USC have given the students enough information to not worry about a thing and the chosen courses have been very enjoyable (besides giving us a lot of free food and the chance to meet the other international students). The classes were smaller in comparison to classes in Austria and the lecturers communicate with the students on a more personal level. They were always willing to help and always available for any concerns, which was a pretty pleasant study experience. The exams were much easier than at home as the focus lays on essays during the lecture period, which require a lot of research effort. Therefore, I really learned how to research properly and write academical texts in English.

The campus itself is very well equipped and it was actually a lot of fun to work on assignments at the library with all the other students. What is more, besides the USC gym, there were a lot of activities and clubs for students to join. One of the best experiences for me was living in the student accommodation, which was only five minutes walk from the campus. Living there made it a lot easier to get to know all those awesome people from all over the world I’ve met!

Other little extras are all the beautiful beaches nearby and the kangaroos chilling directly on the campus, or the travels you can do in this stunning country! To sum up, I had the time of my life and it was worth every dollar I’ve spent! I am so grateful for this unique experience and would recommend it to everyone!

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