Joséphine from HTW Chur – Switzerland studying on exchange at USC!

That one semester at the University of Sunshine Coast was one of the best of my studies so far! Class was a bit challenging at first because of the different style of teaching. In Switzerland everything depends on the grade you get on the exams at the end of a semester while at the USC you can improve your grade with tasks during the semester. My biggest fear was about having to write reports in Academic English, but the University offers workshops and the lecturers are very supportive too. The USC has such a beautiful campus, what I really loved since we don’t have one at my home university (University of Applied Science Chur, Switzerland). The kangaroos were a big plus too.

A semester abroad is an opportunity for everyone, but especially for me, as a tourism student. Not only do you get a different point of view, you also develop on a personal level. The Sunshine Coast is just a perfect place. There is so much to see in the area and bigger cities aren’t too far away too. Another big advantage was that I could enjoy my leisure time with surfing, BBQ’s, mountain climbing, exploring the rainforest and petting kangaroos and at the same time I learned a lot about the tourism industry in Australia.

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