Sandro from HS Lucerne Switzerland, studying on exchange at USC!

I always had the goal to spend a semester as an Exchange student somewhere around the globe. It was one of my requirements to the University to have a various offer on exchange programs. So, it came that I got the opportunity to do my exchange in a wonderful country called Australia!

Get Started!

Directly after I visited my first lesson in the Orientation Week, I could feel it would be an awesome time at Uni. As usual the start of the semester is a bit overwhelming, by organising and adopt yourself in a new university, especially when you are alone in a country which is located 16500km away from your home. Anyway, that is a fact which makes the whole thing much more interesting and adventurous. It doesn’t really take much till I met new people which were in the exact same situation as I was.

University of Sunshine Coast

Once you spent a couple of weeks in Australia, you start getting into the culture of the Aussies. Therefore, the thing I noticed, is that the Aussies have an easy-going behaviour which I really appreciate, whereas back in Switzerland a lot of things appear much tougher. This attitude reflects also to the University. As I started my biggest fear was to keep up with the language during the semester and especially for the exams. This fear was gone as soon I did the first assignment tasks. Compared to Switzerland where your grades depend all on one big final exam, at USC the courses are divided into 3 different tasks. Each of them contributes to the final grade. Within some courses you could even reach a Pass-Grade (set by 50%) by doing the first 2 Tasks. Consequently, as soon I got my first Grades, I could focus on exploring this amazing Country.

Adventuring Australia

My best experience during the Exchange was to explore the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I don’t even know where to start. Since I’ve never been in Australia before I didn’t really know what to expect about, except that every little creature could possibly kill me, regarding the most venomous animals live here. Well Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands, Fraser Island, hundreds of Waterfalls, amazing surf spots, rainforests, outback deserts and endless beaches everywhere are only a bunch of things to explore. The fact that you can spend some time at the beach with swimming, surfing or simply getting a nice tan, and it reaches temperatures of 25°-30° in the WINTER, it’s reason enough to go to Australia (compared to Switzerland). Summarised I don’t want to spoil too much, I just want to say I was never as enchanted by a country like Australia!

Cheers Sandro

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