Ruan Stuyding Overseas at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland

My Abroad semester thus far has been outstanding and unequivocally the best semester overall. Switzerland is like no other country the life quality is unparalleled and the air quality is so fresh and clean. My experience over here has been amazing and the people at the university are extremely well organized and friendly. ย In Switzerland everything depends on the grade you get on the exams at the end of a semester while at the USC you have assessments throughout the semester which add to your final mark. The train system is probably the best in the world, trains are very punctual and quick. The country offers different languages from Swiss German, to French, Italian and English. Zurich is beautiful place, it manly focuses on Insurance and Banking where Geneva specializes in Commerce and Private banking. Luzern is one of the biggest tourist attractions due to the magnificent mountains and Old Bridge. Lugano in southern Switzerland is known for its amazingly warm climate and Italian lifestyle and the Pizzas are to die for. Fondue and Raclette are traditional dishes and are absolutely divine, I highly suggest it to anyone whom wishes to visit Switzerland. Chocolate and cheese are a delicacy over here and I just cannot help myself but to indulge in it every day, itโ€™s just so good and there is so much variety, Lindt chocolate is truly the best. Winter in Switzerland is known for its amazing Alps and winter skiing with Zermatt and Mont Blanc being the best of the best in the world for ski enthusiasts and snow lovers. The country side is filled with chalets and breathtaking views of the mountain ranges and Lakes. Throughout the year the Switzerland is green, It is never dry and is always in abundance of water due the glaciers and high mountain peaks.

I believe Switzerland is a great place for anyone to live and it has some of the lowest unemployment levels known for a country, which an exceptional current balance the country has no debt and its sitting outside of the EU. Whatever your reason for coming to Switzerland , whether its studying like me , working for a bank or a watch firm , enjoying the alps or falling in love with one of the cities, Switzerland caters for all.

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