Pascal from Switzerland studying at USC!

In my Bachelor degree, I did an exchange semester in Salzburg, Austria, and I had such a good time with some lovely people and Austria`s beautiful surroundings. That was the moment when I decided to do a Master’s degree; the whole degree in another country and having again an incredible time. StudySmart, a NPO in Switzerland, helped me to make this dream come true by organising all the necessary paperwork. When I checked the option University of the Sunshine Coast, I instantly knew that’s the place to be. The name, the beautiful pictures and of course the Master’s subjects convinced me.

When I started at USC I did some additional seminars to get familiar with the Uni specifically expectations regarding academic writing and referencing. These courses were really helpful, especially when you’ve just started. Moreover, the lecturer, librarians and Uni personnel from the drop-in sessions are all very kind and happy to give you additional support if you get stuck or want to have a professional proof-read before you hand-in your task. Regarding the tasks, I must say that during the semester you are very busy with in general three tasks per subject, which is probably different compared to your home University. But once you get used to it and you don’t have to worry about a final big exam and use your energy for something else. How about having fun!?

Yeah there is a lot of fun! Once you get in contact with so many new absolutely fantastic people around the student accommodations and USC you will have an amazing time for example the parties. And if you maybe once in a while drink a little bit too much, you can just relax at the pool or the beautiful beaches on the following day. Furthermore, study-breaks and optimal chosen class times offer you to do day trips and make your friends back home jealous by posting photos from your once in a lifetime experiences in this most beautiful country!

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