Olaf from Hochschule Emden/Leer, Germany studying at USC!

As I was almost done with my Bachelor studies in Germany I thought about what could I do to increase the chances to get a job in the area and the company I wanted to work for in my future. A lot of companies require work experience, good English skills or different degrees. Thatโ€™s why I started thinking about doing a semester abroad.

The USC in Australia offered me in cooperation with our home-university in Germany the chance to get an additional qualification in just one semester. The program is called the Australian Diploma in Business and requires a credit transfer from your home university studies to complete it in only one semester. The Diploma is usually a one year (two semester) program. However, I was able to complete it in one semester and completed four courses in the area of business. I attended two Accounting courses, an International Business course and a Business Analytics course.

At the end of the semester I had to apply for an internship in a company either in Germany or global. This internship is the last part of my Bachelor degree in Germany. The Companies that I spoke to in my job interviews were very impressed and appreciated that I completed the extra qualification at USC. I received a position in an international car manufacturer company as a result.

To sum up, I can highly recommend USC as an innovative university as well as giving students the chance to get another qualification in just one semester. Moreover, the support there is excellent and there are various things to do in Australia that makes the study a lot more relaxed and diversified.

Please feel free to have a look at some of my impressions at the sunshine coast as I provided some pictures for you.

All the best for your study abroad,

Olaf Strasburger

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