Jannik from University FH Wedel, Germany studying at USC!


For my third Master semester I decided to say “Goodbye” to cold Germany and escape to sunny Australia. I was even happier with my decision when I found out about the USC´s Double Degree Program. By only completing one semester in Australia I would be able to get a full Masters degree in addition to my German degree. Sounds too good to be true but as the Australians tend to say “No worries”.

 After completing my semester, I am very happy with my decision to study at the USC. The modern campus with huge outside areas to hang out, a big library and great spots to grab a coffee or a quick bite to eat create a relaxed environment, in which a day of studying feels more like a vacation. As far as the workload goes, it is challenging but manageable. Even though some weeks were busier than others, there was always enough time to enjoy the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Furthermore, a vast number of university clubs offers all students the chance to engage in University matters or simply get to know fellow students.

 I for one decided to rather spend my spare time on traveling around the amazing east coast, going to the beach and for a surf from time to time. The Sunshine Coast is regarded as one of the most beautiful spots in Austalia by tourists as well as locals. Friendly people, great Barbecue spots and beautiful beaches can be found everywhere on the coast.

 I would advise everyone who comes to the Sunshine Coast to travel as much as they can. There´s so much to see. No matter if you go down south to the touristy Gold Coast, relaxed Byron Bay or even as far as Sydney or up north to Noosa, Fraser Island or Cairns, there are beautiful places all along the coast.

For me the Double Degree Program was the perfect combination of studying and being able to see a new part of the world. I had an amazing time and would recommend this experience to everyone.  

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