Jannes Rabius from ISM Dortmund in Germany studying a Master of International Business at USC Sunshine Coast

Studying at USC was a totally different experience to what I knew from Germany. Due to the great weather, everyone likes to spend as much time as possible outside. The USC-campus is really nice, and offers lots of opportunities to have a good time there. I really enjoyed my time at the USC, even though I had to study a lot. Unfortunately, the semester in Australia starts earlier than in Germany, so there were still some assignments due for my home university.

During the semester, I met a lot of great internationals and locals who got loads of tips what to do in the area and which places to visit in Australia. During the mid-semester break, we did a road trip up to Cairns which gave us the opportunity to get to know Queensland better, see a lot of beautiful places and spot some animals. Overall, the Sunshine Coast is a great place to spend a semester or even longer. The beaches are great and Brisbane is only one hour away, so it is easy to spend some nice days in the sun, or travel through Australia via Brisbane or Sunshine Coast Airport.



If you are searching for a great Uni, with high quality in education and you want to have some fun during your semester abroad, USC is definitely the right place to go. I will continue my stay in Australia for a little bit longer and travel down to Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania during the upcoming weeks, which also many others do after they finish their studies. As Australia is one of the biggest countries on earth, it takes some time to see all the beautiful places spread all over the country.


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