Karen Pickering studying overseas at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein in Austria

Guten tag from Austria!

My name is Karen, I’m a mature age student on exchange here in Kufstein; what a wonderful and unique place this is!  The university is in the centre of this small historic town and the student residence is only 15 minutes’ walk along the picturesque riverside boardwalk and shopping for food and other essentials are right next door.  Not having access to a car has proved no challenge at all.  Everything is in walking distance, there is free transport to ski resorts and the local railway station connects directly to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria’s major cities.

Classes are scheduled so that subjects are finalised quickly, freeing up days in the week to explore the local area, ski and even travel to another country.  So far, I’ve travelled throughout Austria on the local trains and managed to snap up a cheap (less than 20€) ticket to the Czech Republic for a 3-day stint exploring Prague.  I travelled to Scotland via Munich over Christmas and last month, I caught a train to Italy for a 5-day jaunt directly from our local station.  Other international students have also travelled to Budapest and Vienna for the Christmas markets and many have taken side-trips into Switzerland, which is easy to do.

I flew directly to Germany from Australia arriving in early September and spent time travelling south, exploring the country before commencing classes in Austria.  Arriving in September meant that I witnessed the changing colours of Autumn which were fantastic and of course now I’m enjoying the snow!  Kufstein is nestled in the Austrian Tyrol in central Bavaria, surrounded by mountains and fir tree covered slopes; the views are simply breathtaking. Exploring the area is easy, there are many walking trails to the numerous lakes and a chairlift that whisks you to the top of the alps where you can enjoy numerous hikes then partake of a lovely meal or cold beer.

A truly special place with genuinely friendly people!

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