Cihan Güngör from the University of Applied Sciences in Worms studying at USC

My wonderful time on the Sunshine Coast!

As the name implies, I had a very nice and sunny time on the Sunshine Coast.

Before I came to Australia, I thought a lot about where I should go for a study abroad. I visited many information evenings concerning the semester abroad. Then I decided on the University of the Sunshine Coast. Although I had a lot of stress because of my exams in Germany, the anticipation was very high. In the meantime, concerns also came, because it was my first overseas visit and the first time that I was so far away from my usual environment and family. Still, I have to say that any anxiety and misgivings were unjustified. It was introduced very nicely at the university. Everything was explained and shown explicitly. The campus life is very cool and the university lifestyle is really noticeable. Do not worry, there will be a lot of free time!

Nevertheless, I also had a life next to the university. There were a lot of opportunities to do various activities and see different places every day. Personally, I met a lot of nice and cool people from all over the world and enjoyed the sun and the beautiful beaches. In any cast the life-work balance is given. Even if you felt stressed sometimes, you were encouraged as a student directly from the sun and a nice evening with a chilled beer at the beach bar.

 It was a wonderful and unforgettable time. I’ve seen one of the greatest places in the world and met people from all over the world. More importantly, I get my double degree 😀 I can recommend it to anyone here to spend the semester abroad.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Liani. She was always there for me on unexplainable questions.

USC thanks for everything!

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