Korbinian Hoffmann from the Technical University of Munich studying at USC Sunshine Coast

I can still remember the moment, when I received the notification of the International Office of my home uni, that I was eligible to go for an exchange semester abroad to the Sunshine Coast. I mean just the imagination of studying at a place with more than 250 days of sun sounds like a pretty damn temptation. I could not resist, and I was the happiest person when I realised that I am really moving to the Sunny Coast for the next semester.

My name is Korbinian, 22 years old, from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. I study Management and Technology back home, however, I decided just to take Business courses at USC.

My studies here were totally different from the ones in Germany. At home I am totally not used to writing reports, making presentations or delivering any other assignments during the semester. In Munich, there is always one big exam at the end counting for 100 percent of your grade. Having some tasks in the middle of the semester relieved a bit of stress at the end since I already passed most of the courses prior to taking the exam.

Another thing being different from at home is the commuting. I lived right next to the campus at Varsity, a huge student accommodation with a capacity of about 600 students. It was an amazing experience living there and it never took me more than five minutes to get to my lecture hall. Let’s say you will never get bored there. However, if you want to save a little bit of money, rather move into one of the plenty shared houses in the coast cities Kawana, Alex Heads, Mooloolaba or Maroochydore. You definitely get more for the same price. If you want to have party, you can still visit one of several big parties at the campus houses.

All in all, it was an awesome experience. I got to know heaps of amazing people from all over the world, learnt how to surf (more or less) and had lots of fun. I will never forget this amazing experience and I can recommend it to anyone playing with the idea of studying at USC for a semester, or even longer!

P.S.: The kangaroos jumping around at the campus is not just a marketing gag!


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