Marie Groeller, Matthias Eisner & Simon Salzer from the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna studying at USC Sunshine Coast

After successfully finishing our first year of studying in a Bachelor program in business at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna, we decided to go on an adventure. Our goal was not only to make new memories, friends and experiences on the other side of the world but also to receive the best possible education. Therefore the University of the Sunshine Coast was considered as the perfect option to get us out of our comfort zone.

USC offers a variety of courses for business students with an ideal ratio of practical and theoretical relevance. For instance, being given the opportunity to work with a local start-up on the Sunshine Coast offered us both an insight in a companyโ€™s early days but also the perfect chance to establish contacts with business owners in Australia.

Besides the great education provided by the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia has a lot more to offer. During our mid-semester break and after finishing our studies, we had plenty of time to discover the land down under. Thus, we travelled all over Australia, from Western Australia to Sydney, Melbourne including the Great Ocean Road and of course the East Coast. Because of the amazing location of USC, we did countless weekend trips either to Noosa, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane or Fraser Island just to name a few.

To sum up, the time spent at USC allowed for us to broaden our understanding of different cultures and form new friendships all over the world. On top of the lucrative education being offered, USC provides an opportunity for students to study, experience and socialise unique to any other.


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