Christophe Kurkdjian from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences studying at USC

My final semester in Australia, where do I begin? If I was asked to describe Australia in one word, it would be WONDERFUL. My time spent here at the University of the Sunshine Coast has been wonderful, my course was wonderful, my lectures and tutors, wonderful, my roommates and people around here, wonderful. Studying at USC has not only allowed me to successfully complete the business side of my double degree (Engineering and Business), but it has broadened my horizons to the opportunities one has when studying abroad. So why study abroad in Australia?

Well let’s put aside the ‘studies’ for one moment and talk about Australia. Australia is a vast country that stretches quite a far. During my limited time here, I’ve had to the opportunity to see the complexity of the southern cities and the tropics of the far north. Cairns or tropical North Queensland was home to so much beauty and wonder, with the crocodiles taking most of my attention. The cities were something unique, holding great wonder. Brisbane is just a short train ride from the coast, there I got to experience the team moral of Australian football (AFL), or as my roomy calls it ‘Arial Ping-Pong’, she wasn’t a fan – but this sport is unique to Australia and is a must see. Australian’s sure know how to provide an entertaining atmosphere, the game was complex but enjoyable and very Australian. I also mustn’t forget my first-time surfing, with only the goal of standing up on the board, I had a tough day ahead. Learning to surf is just one of the many great experiences I have experienced while studying abroad here in Australia.

Bringing it back to the Sunshine Coast now, with an endless supply of sun, beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see and nature that takes your breath away, what more could you want. The uni is situated in the middle of glorious nature where kangaroos make a daily appearance; however, you never get tired of seeing them. Studying comes easy when you have an aesthetically appealing backdrop to focus on in your down time. Whether you study in the library that overlooks greenness or take a break and head to the beach, your time here will be thoroughly enjoyed. Living at a student accommodation also has its perks, proximity to the university is a plus; and you meet so many new people from Australia and across the world. Rooming with three other students opens your eyes to other cultures.

At Unicentral (where I lived) we are roomed with two international students and two Australians, just to mix it up a little. The Australians help you to fit in the local customs and traditions and are also very curious of what life is like in the northern hemisphere. Even after living with them for a semester, there are always new cultural discoveries. The best part is them complaining of their winter temperatures of minimum 10°C – and their faces when we mention our winters which go down to -15°C. Roommates are always a lottery but, in my case, I was really lucky as they went the out of their way to show me around and drive me when I needed to go somewhere.

Studying here is quite flexible, you’ll have time to both relax and work hard. The university offers much support for all international students and Australian’s are pretty friendly and happy to help where they can.

All in all, I have enjoyed my time here and I’m truly going to miss the friends I’ve made. I will never forget the memories of the time I had here in Australia.

Merci et au revoir, Christophe.



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