Jake Morril studying overseas at Doshisha University in Japan

Before coming to Japan I was still on the fence about studying overseas and had made a plan to leave later, however I came into contact with Ben, another student at USC, and he told me about his experiences in Japan and studying at Doshisha University. After hearing his story I immediately went to the International Office and made an admittedly 3 week late application for the Study Overseas program, and listed Doshisha as my first priority. Despite this late application the team assured me that they would get me on the plane to Japan, and here I am.

Luckily due to some knowledge in the language and preparation thanks to my sensei, I didn’t experience much culture shock after arriving in Japan. Despite this, Japan is extremely different from Australia, Kyoto especially. For example, the people are always willing to help and talk to you, and due to the country being so condensed (and public transport being immaculate) it is easy to travel and see the plethora of interesting locales that can be found within the country. The accommodation provided by Doshisha has allowed me to make plenty of international friends from all over the world, as well as new Japanese ones, and has proved to be massively useful. Speaking of Doshisha, the campus is much smaller than USC, but manages to fit more people in its space. As for the learning experience, all of the staff and teachers are working at 120% to give the students the best experience possible. There is also a wealth of information and events setup by volunteer students aimed at helping foreigners, such as speaking classes and parties. I am very glad to have chosen Doshisha University!

Thank you to the Study Overseas team and everyone at the University of the Sunshine Coast for providing this experience to me!


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