Lea and Fiana from OTH Regensburg studying at USC


Hey everybody!

We are Lea and Fiana from Regensburg, Germany currently studying two semesters abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  Our university back home, the OTH Regensburg, and the USC offer students the opportunity to participate in the Double Degree Program. This means we’ll get two degrees when we complete our studies at home, one from the University of the Sunshine Coast and one from the OTH Regensburg.

As we’re studying business, all of our courses are business related. We enjoyed every single one of them! The classes are interesting, the professors and tutors are competent, friendly and sincerely trying to help students where possible. The campus itself is beautiful, modern and offers a variety of high quality, yet affordable food places.

Apart from that, the surrounding area has a lot to offer as well! There are heaps of beautiful beaches, mountains to climb and national parks to explore on the Sunshine Coast. Brisbane is just a one-hour car ride away, so one thing we can guarantee is that you’ll never get bored.

Also, your class timetable gives you enough free time to go on day-trips or long weekends. There’s even an airport on the Sunshine Coast which allows you to get to some other places in Australia in no time.

All in all, our year abroad Down Under was definitely the best time of our lives so far and we can highly recommend it to anyone who’s considering studying abroad!


Lea & Fiana


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