Kajana and Oda Maria studying overseas at Santiago de Queretaro in México

We are two students from Norway who are studying a complete Bachelor of Business degree at University of the Sunshine Coast. In our fourth semester of our program, we decided to study abroad for one semester at Tecnológio de Monterrey campus Querétaro in México. Before going to Mexico, most of our friends and family told us a million reasons why not to go to Mexico, because Mexico was a dangerous place, we could get robbed, killed or kidnapped. However, there were several factors that influenced our decision to study in Mexico. We have always had a strong interest in exploring and learning about different cultures, more specifically the Latin American culture. So we figured, what better time is to travel, live, and study at one in a different country such as Mexico. So, our best opportunity was now, and we just decided to not listen to everyone else and two months later we were in Querétaro to study at Tec de Monterrey.

Santiago de Querétaro or Querétaro as Mexicans refer it to is the third largest city and is known for being one of the safest cities in México, and for fact we felt pretty safe wandering around most of historic centre at any hour of the night, and most other parts of the city as well. Our university Tecnológio de Monterrey is one of the prestigious universities in Mexico, and have in total 31 campuses throughout the country. When we arrived to Querétaro we were super exited and a bit nervous about how it would be to start at a new university in a country where English is not the main language.

The week before university started the university had set up an orientation week where we met other international students and a student group at Tec called Ami. Ami is a group of national students where they help exchange students with settling down, get to know about the university, and to hang out throughout the whole semester. Furthermore, during the semester Ami also arranged trips to other cities and places, which was a great opportunity to travel and see more of Mexico and the culture. In addition to this, there are various student communities to join. There are loads of association and activities for students to participate in beside the studies as well. This was a great way for us to meet other students and an easy start at Tec de Monterrey.

Queretaro itself is a rich, colourful and vibrant city, and the traditions and customs of the Mexican people are varied and diverse. The Mexican people are so friendly and helpful, and it was really easy to meet new people. Words cannot describe how amazing our stay in Queretaro was. We also got the opportunity to travel a bit around in Mexico, where we got to see the beautiful nature and history of Mexico. Mexico is truly a country with vivid cultural experiences and numerous sights to see. Study abroad for both of us was an unforgettable experience full of good memories, and we recommend other to do the same. Grab the opportunity while you can!


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