Lukas Maier from OTH Regensburg studying at USC

Hi everyone,

my name is Lukas and I’m an international student from Germany. I study ‘European Business Studies’ at the OTH Regensburg, and it´s part of the program to go abroad for two semesters to get a double degree after finishing the first year. As the name of the program says, all partner universities are in Europe – except one, the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia!

When I had to choose if I wanted rain, snow, mud and coldness or always sun, beaches, wonderful weather and a year of summer, the decision was easy (especially after I heard, that there are kangaroos on campus).

I chose the wonderful Sunshine Coast.

But the decision was not only about the weather. The USC offers a wide range of interesting business courses every semester. In every course you have a lecture with all people in one room listening to the professor (like I knew it from Germany) and a tutorial in small groups, which helps you a lot in completing your tasks successfully.

Furthermore, as I was here for 1 year, I had a 3 ½ month break between the semesters, which was an awesome opportunity to travel. I discovered the east coast from Cairns to Melbourne, visited great national parks, wonderful beaches and also went to New Zealand.

To sum up, it was a wonderful time I had in Australia, with new friendships, amazing sights and sun (nearly) every day. Together with the good education, I can totally recommend to study at the University of the Sunshine Coast!

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