Samantha Wollitzer from the University of applied sciences Augsburg studying at USC

Finally, it turned the 15th February 2018 and I could catch my flight to Australia to do my exchange semester. My destination was the Sunshine Coast – how awesome sounds that? Especially, because I came from Germany where it was minus 5 degrees to a country where it is even warm at night. I loved it.

I live at Varsity, a student accommodation which is very close to the university. If you prefer to mainly focus on your studies or would like to have a washing machine in your apartment, you better choose UniCentral or an apartment by the beach.

USC prepared an introduction week for all international students, which helped a lot. They supported us in every way they could, and tried to guide us through our studies. I never felt lost! It is possible to receive help everywhere and they even prepare barbecues for the students.

The study system is very different to Germany. I am taking four courses here, which will give me 30 ECTS in Germany. During the semester I had to write many assignments, prepare group presentations and do some mid-semester tests. These gathered points will count in the end of the semester and in two courses I don’t even have an exam. I like this system, because I can keep the information better, when I work on academic texts throughout the semester. I learned how to do research based on academic papers and how to reference correctly. I have never done it in Germany before. I really appreciate that I was able to learn it here and it will help me a lot for the future. The classes are divided in a lecture and a tutorial.

I will leave in July, but I wish I could finish my studies here. Furthermore, the campus is enjoyable. I just feel happy when I see kangaroos hopping around. Additionally, here are many cafes with good coffee and good food. The campus is quite big compared to the one in Augsburg and the people are very friendly.

In my spare time or at the weekends I traveled a lot. Australia is such a beautiful country. In the mid-semester break I went to Western Australia and saw the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Even here on the East Coast are amazing places to see. This weekend I will visit Byron Bay.

The best thing is that I saw koalas here, I swam with whale-sharks, manta rays and turtles and I don’t want to go home anymore 😊. I think it is the best destination for an exchange semester that you could choose!

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