Ethan Hughes, studying at University of Milan (IULM)

Dear Future International Student,

I don’t know whether to start with the positives or the negatives of studying abroad… On one hand, there’s the awful time-zone, making it difficult to speak to loved ones at certain points in the day, but on the other hand there’s your ERASMUS family you can talk to instead (and believe me, they’ll become your family in the shortest amount of time). There’s the distinct lack of good beaches, but there’s also the snow-topped Swiss Alps, and the blue-green Venetian Canals. There’s no Vegemite (or if there is, it costs upwards of 10 bucks), there’s no Milo, there’s no Tim-Tams, but there ARE dozens of types of pizza, and pasta that you’ve never even heard of.

My experience as a European student has been nothing but positive. In the 5 months I’ve been in Europe, I’ve been to 6 countries, and countless more cities. I’ve travelled alone to many of those cities; a hard concept to grasp in the beginning, but all the more rewarding when you can acknowledge your newfound independence. I’ve also travelled with two of my best friends, and my dad, and I can honestly say there’s nothing better than having another Aussie by your side.

All in all, the positives most definitely outweigh the negatives – living a new life in a new city with new friends speaking a new language (whether that be Italian, or British-English 😉) and making new memories is refreshing to say the least, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.



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