Tina Haagensen studying overseas at the University of Wyoming in the US

Last semester, I travelled across the pond to the United States of America and spent a semester at the University of Wyoming. Before the semester started I explored the east coast together with one of my American friends. We met when she did her semester abroad at USC in 2016 and have kept in touch ever since. New York City was amazing, so much to see and do. We also went to Boston and Philadelphia, before I left for Wyoming.

The University of Wyoming is in Laramie, a small college town up in the mountains 7 220 ft (2200 m) above sea level. I would say it is the exact opposite of the Sunshine Coast. We had snow and winter with degrees below 0 the whole semester until May started and we finally got some summer weather, but I loved it. The snow is so peaceful, and it was nice to put on lots of clothes and snuggle up with some blankets and a good movie in the evening.

The campus has a very nice atmosphere with several buildings and a big lawn in the middle. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful, and it doesnโ€™t take long before you feel like youโ€™re a part of the UW family. There are lots of happenings all the time where you can meet new people and have fun, and if you live in the dorms there are always people around. You can also go the amazing gym which is free for all students. The gym has three floors, includes a swimming pool and hot tub, running track, two multisport courts, indoor climbing wall, group fitness rooms and lots of equipment. Definitely my favourite part of campus!

During my time at UW I also got the opportunity to go skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado, volunteered at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah for Spring Break, went on a trip to South Dakota and last but not least I got to experience the beautiful Yellowstone National Park!

If you think about doing a semester overseas, do it! It is an amazing experience and you learn so much about yourself and about other cultures. Find out which place and school you want to go to, pack your bags and get on that flight!

The world needs more cowboys!

Tina Haagensen


2 thoughts on “Tina Haagensen studying overseas at the University of Wyoming in the US

  1. Hi Tina
    I really want to go on exchange to Wyoming! Would you have a sec to answer some questions about your trip?

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