Tobias Kahl from Aachen University of Applied Sciences in Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

Hey everyone!

I am Tobias from Aachen, Germany currently studying one semester abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast. My university back home, FH Aachen, and USC, offer students the opportunity to participate in the Business Diploma program, which is a worldwide recognised certificate.

Studying at USC turns out to be the best time of my life, even though the workload at the USC is much higher compared to my home University in Aachen. The lectures are well structured and can even be viewed again online. Apart from this, a lot of help is offered from USC to achieve the best possible results on your assignments.


There are different kinds of student accommodation. They are called Uni Central, the Village and Varsity. I recommend students that are staying at USC for only one semester to stay at a student accommodation. It is the easiest way as your spot is assured and you do not have to do inspections once you get to Australia. I’ve spent my first semester at Varsity and I had a really good time there. Of course, there are also apartments near the beach that are a bit cheaper, but then you have to use the buses to get to the university. It is also a little more difficult to find contacts there because you then live outside the university.

Life outside of University

Besides working for the university, there is certainly time for travelling. The Sunshine Coast is perfectly located for this. There are many beautiful places close by, like:

Gold Coast; Brisbane; Noosa; Fraser Island; many different national parks …

I personally enjoyed the trips to the two metropolises Sydney and Melbourne, which I consider as two of the most beautiful cities in the world.

All in all, I don’t have words to express how grateful I am for this unique experience! I discovered an amazing continent and found friends for life.

Cheers, Tobi

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