Brian Bikram from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY studying at USC Sunshine Coast

Australia, for some time now, has always been my number one travel destination. The kangaroos, the beautiful weather, the Australian accent, and many more made me want to come here. When I found out that I had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), I immediately knew I would try to come here. After a lot of work and a long journey, I arrived here at USC and while it took some time to get use to Aussie lifestyle, I love it.

USC is a refreshing change in scenery for a city-boy like myself. I enjoy how spacious the campus is, how nice the buildings are, how friendly the campus baristas are, and I especially enjoy seeing kangaroos relaxing on campus (they’re so cute!). I also enjoy my courses, and I believe that my professors have helped me better at not only conducting research, but also at being a better writer. Since I want to obtain my PhD in the future, I am grateful for this.


Being an avid PokemonGo player, USC has several gyms (which are quite competitive between teams) and PokeStops that just make it even more fun to just walk around campus. USC is also very close to Domino’s Pizza and other amazing food places that further make walking to campus fun! I was also able to do an internship with IDCare this semester (on campus), and that would not be possible without USC. Basically, there’s a lot of reasons why I visited the campus (even on days that I did not need to be there),

Other than the campus itself, coming to the Sunshine Coast has allowed me to see beautiful sceneries that I would never seen back in the city. I have gone to the beautiful beaches in Mooloolaba, Caloundra, and Noosa Headlines and have never seen such clear water before in my life. I was also able to travel to Brisbane (only an hour away) and experience the a lively nightlife!


Sunshine Coast is also close enough to several airports, helping me travel to Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra. Melbourne truly is a cultural city, and had artistic expression everywhere. I got to see the famous Sydney Opera House which is even more jaw-dropping in person. Even though some said Canberra wasn’t that special, being able to see the Parliament House in person was very pleasing and seeing some of Australia’s history was quite amazing!

My top-tip for anyone thinking of studying abroad, would be not to let anyone else define your study abroad experience for you. It is your experience, and so you should do things you want to do and you are comfortable with. You do not have to do everything, but you should do things that you know you will enjoy and will definitely remember. I’ve learned that even though I did not get to see all of Australia, or do things others ended up doing, I enjoyed my experiences regardless and would not exchange them for anything.

Brian Bikram



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