Marvin Staudt from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

On the 6th of February, I took a flight from Munich to Indonesia, which was the beginning of my ‘around the world trip’.  After having one week of the ‘island life’, I was on my way to the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Sippy Downs.

I am studying business informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, and I decided to apply for a double degree program for my master’s degree at USC. Thankfully I got accepted and I started to plan my trip immediately. After some research I found out that it is a great idea to combine this semester abroad and add some additional travel time to fly around the world. According to this, I decided to travel through South America after finishing the exchange semester.



I live right next to the USC Campus at one of the student accommodations called Varsity. From there, it is about a 5 minutes’ walk to get to the campus. The University offers a lot of additional activities, like social sport (volleyball, soccer, netball, gym…), every week at student guild or different kind of clubs. It’s never boring here, especially during my stay at Varsity 😉

Different beaches can be reached easily with public transportation or a car. Moreover, there are plenty of mountains around this area for hiking and to enjoy the sunset.



The study program in Australia is different to the one I was used to in Germany. I attend 4 courses during this semester, and I will just have 1 final exam. However, I have to finish many reports, essays, presentations and case studies during the whole semester. Therefore, the stressful learning period at the end of the semester, that I was used to in Germany, does not take place.



Nevertheless, there is plenty of time to explore and travel around Australia during the semester. It is easy to reach a flight to Melbourne and Sydney from the Sunshine Coast, which is pretty cheap. Furthermore, there are so many beautiful places along the east coast, like Byron Bay, Brisbane and Noosa. It is easy to travel there for just a weekend or some days. After the semester finishes, we have planned a road trip to Cairns with two campers for two and a half weeks, and then I will head to New Zealand and South America before I take the airplane back to Germany.

I am very thankful that I had this great opportunity to study at the Sunshine Coast in Australia and thank everyone who made this time legendary to me. I am looking forward to the next adventures of my trip and finally coming home to my family and friends.


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