Samira Davis from Manhattanville College in the US studying at USC Sunshine Coast

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.43.32 amTjena! My name is Samira Davis! I was born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Stockholm, Sweden. My university back home in New York, Manhattanville College was able to give me the opportunity to become an International student for one semester here at USC. I’m studying for a Diploma in General Studies.

University of the Sunshine Coast is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast only a few minutes away from some of the world’s best beaches. University of the Sunshine Coast has a really relaxed atmosphere. I’ve have had plenty of support from the lecturers and tutors who helped international students, just like me adjust to a new environment. During my time here I never felt as though I was looked at as just a number, as many big universities often do, I was treated as an equal by the helpful staff. Lecturers and tutors actually knew me by my name.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.44.55 amBeing a member of my Women’s soccer team back home in Manhattanville College I was still able to continue my passion for the sport through social sports which was provided for the students of USC through USC Sports. With that, I was able to make new friends that shared the same passion as me, as we got to travel up to Brisbane and meet new faces that also loved the game of soccer.


1) Pack Lightly

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.45.13 amMAKE SURE you pack lightly when moving down under!! Australia has many affordable stores where you can buy things needed or if forgotten! For example, if you are going to live in the accommodations recommended by the university like Varsity, Uni Central or The Village be sure NOT to by the linen package! The linen package provided by these accommodations are expensive you can buy cheaper linen at Target or K-mart.


2) Follow your traveling dreams

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.45.27 amI can’t stress this one enough! I encourage you all to travel as much as you can or as much as your budget allows you. You definitely should take advantage of the opportunity of living abroad and make the best out of your time here while studying here in the Sunshine Coast. It will give you memories for a lifetime and will help you make new friendships. Also, pretty much anywhere on the Coast is Insta-worthy!

3) Make sure you’re coming open minded

Being that you are coming to a new country and culture. You should be able to try new things as well as experience new things and be able to embrace the Aussie lifestyle! The Sunshine Coast it known for all of it outdoor activities available such as simply relaxing on the beach, surfing or trekking a hike up the various mountains the Coast has to offer.

4) Don’t forget that degree

However, with all of that said. My last advice is don’t forget that you’re here to finish your degree. It can be easy to get left behind in your studies when you are in a new place meeting new people.

I hope my advice made your choice for why the University of the Sunshine Coast is the right choice for you!

Best of luck,


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