Sara Hajari from Iran studying a Master of Information and Communications Technology at USC SouthBank

5My name is Sara and I’m from Iran! I did my undergrad in statistics in my home country. Currently, I’ve been studying the Master of Information and Communications Technology (MICT) at the University of Sunshine Coast (SouthBank) for over two semesters. This program includes four semesters of study that can help me to become a data scientist after I graduate.

The USC SouthBank Campus is close to the Brisbane River and South Bank Parklands, a lively area with great bars and restaurants. As an international student, I find studying in Australia very beneficial due to multicultural communities, great universities, and nice weather.

2I have travelled a lot in Australia and have been to many cities in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. I like Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast the most due to the pleasant weather and interesting activities in these cities, such as the theme parks, mountains, zoos, and beautiful beaches.

I decided to study the MICT at USC based on the wide range of specialised courses offered through ICT. I recommend that future students follow their intuition when choosing a subject, have a look at the list of courses for their chosen subject, and read the course outlines.

Moreover, I have benefited from the interactive lectures here at USC as my lectures are not just presentations. It is important for the lecturers and tutors to make sure that students figure out the concept of each session. The assessments are also designed in a way that helps students to comprehend the course modules deeply. Also, I highly suggest my peers take a look through the lecture slides available on the online learning management system Blackboard, before they attend classes and study the course materials after that.

In the end, I am happy with my decision to go to USC because of the friendly staff, my new friends and the opportunity to experience an international education.

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