Stacey Bailey from Scotland studying a Master of Health Promotion at USC SouthBank

Image-43Hi guys! My name is Stacey, I am studying the Master of Health Promotion at the USC SouthBank campus. I am from the UK and have been in Brisbane for 18 months and I am now in my final semester.

I have always dreamed of travelling around Australia and seeing the many differing landscapes – and the wildlife has always drawn me here. In 2013 my partner and I sold everything we had and spent two years doing just that and truly living the dream. I could not recommend travelling and experiencing the world enough to anyone. I loved my experiences of this amazing and diverse country, from the most magical days spent watching the whales off the coast of Hervey Bay, to the colourful sunsets in Uluru.

Image-40When I returned home to the UK, I lived and worked in London, but at the age of 33 I was not content in my career and wanted to return to the health sector. I had previously studied sports biochemistry and knew the decision was going to be a huge life-changing moment for myself and my partner. Thankfully he fully supported me in not only wanting to return to university but to study abroad. Having experienced Australia and fallen in love with the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane area, I chose the University of the Sunshine Coast to apply for my master’s degree.

The process to apply to USC was smooth and much easier than I anticipated, and in February 2018 we once again packed up and sold most of our belongings and made the 24-hour flight over here.

image-42.jpgStudying in Brisbane at the USC SouthBank campus has been such an incredibly rewarding experience. The campus is small but welcoming and friendly with lots of activities and support while thriving on student community and success. I have made friends from all over the world, which is amazing not only for the support they have given me but the variety of holiday destinations I now have on offer around the world!

The staff at USC SouthBank are such an asset to the University and help students transition to university life. This was evident in the support given to international students especially when I first arrived at orientation. During my time here I have also become a Student@Work at USC SouthBank. This was important to me as it has allowed me to become involved in orientation programs for new international students, enabling Image-45me to extend the kindness and support to others that had I received here during my first days. The academic staff in the Master of Health Promotion program are fantastic; the knowledge and support they offer is unlike any other experience I have had during my previous studies. The University offers a number of support services to ensure students are succeeding academically as well as providing Student Wellbeing support as a good work-life balance is paramount.

Image-46Whilst the studying is full time, I have also found time to continue exploring Australia, visiting new places like North Stradbroke Island and Tamborine Mountain. There are so many locations in this area that are great for walking and wildlife watching as well as lots of sporting events to enjoy.

I feel very lucky to have been able to study here and once I have graduated it will be a privilege to be a part of the University of Sunshine Coast alumni.

– Stacey Bailey

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