USC student Victor Hultman studying overseas at Elon University in the US

1-1.jpgTo summarise my stay at Elon University in North Carolina it was, to say the least, a great time. Although most of my stay was on campus due to the requirement of being in class for almost all the classes (3 skips allowed/class) Elon offers a lot to do. As almost all students reside on campus, it is really easy to meet new people and events are always hosted close by so there is really no need to worry about transportation. 

The time I left campus for a longer period was for spring break when we took a road trip down to Key West, Florida. We stopped in Hilton Head, South Carolina as well. Twelve other guys made the trip memorable and one of the best experiences of my stay. Other trips included Eno Quarry, Asheville and Burlington.

5 (1)Meeting new people was without a doubt the best part and Elon students and faculty were surprisingly welcoming and inviting, there was never a dull moment and easy to fill the time. The only troublesome thing was the ability to get around outside campus without a car as sidewalks are rare and everyone drives. But since most students at Elon own a car, it is easy to ask them for a ride.


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