Matthias Kolodziejczyk from the University of Applied Sciences in Worms studying at USC Sunshine Coast

My name is Matthias and I study Master of International Business in a Double Degree Program at USC in Sippy Downs. At HS Worms, I am currently studying International Management.bcf757d5-9cf6-409a-8eee-24cc6de291a5

What I can say about a semester abroad at USC Sunshine Coast is hard to put into words. You must experience it! I came to USC with a group of 5 friends from the same program, and we would definitely come back.

The campus is beautiful!

The USC campus at Sippy Downs is at a nature reserve and is very modern. The buildings are structured so that it is easy to get around. There are some cafes that offer refreshments between lectures and there is something for everyone in the cafeteria. Additionally, the kangaroos who live on campus and hop around in the area are very cool. You can also see many different bird species on the way to the university every day.

The content of the modules is like the content in Germany, but here the focus is increasingly on the application of what has been learned in the form of seminar papers. If you didn’t know how to write a business report until now, you will definitely learn it here. In courses like e.g. Innovation and Decision Management we have one lecture per week for about 2-3 hours. The professors, as in Worms, are in close contact with the students so that one can always approach the professor in case of any challenges. The lectures take place in a pleasant atmosphere in a group of about 20 students. The professor also regularly inquires with international students to see how they are doing and what travel plans they have already made.


Varsity Apartments – Hotspot for international Students – During our semester abroad, I lived at a student residence only 5 minutes’ walk from the university, called Varsity Apartments. I live together in an apartment with a Norwegian, an American and an Australian. I am very grateful that I have the chance to make international friends, and Orientation Week is not to be missed. Don’t be afraid if there are a lot of social events during the night in “O-Week”, as it is always quiet at 10 o’clock (or 10PM). You make friends with students from all over the world, and you can arrange to meet others for a round of beach volleyball, tennis or training in the gym located at the USC Sports Precinct.  You can also go for a swim in the ocean or play frisbee on the beach, regardless of the season. You can easily reach the beautiful beach of the Sunshine Coast within 15 minutes by bus from the USC Bus Station located at the campus.

What makes the Sunshine Coast so special? – Study and live in a place where others go on holiday. This is how you could describe the Sunshine Coast in one sentence. Whether it involves hiking to waterfalls, watching the sunrise at the Glasshouse Mountains, or surfing at Alexandra Beach, the Sunshine Coast is never boring. Also, mountain biking in Noosa and swimming in the Fairy Pools should and must be done. If you get wanderlust, you can easily get on a plane at the Sunshine Coast Airport and explore Australia. Every Sunday, we tried to have a coffee at the esplanade and then go swimming in the sea. Even if it is winter in Australia, one should not forget the sunscreen.

Get your backpack and see places! – Despite the high workload, there is enough time for travelling. In Orientation Week, for example, I won a weekend trip to Byron Bay. Together with friends from South Africa, USA, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, we had an unforgettable time in Byron Bay. The lighthouse tour is a must-do! We also did a surfing course, which was necessary for bloody beginners like us. In the Mid-Semester break, we flew to Cairns and drove back to the Sunshine Coast in a rental car for 1 week.

White Heaven Beach at the Whitsunday’s with a gigantic purple catamaran was at the top of our to-do list. We also made city trips to Sydney with a ballet visit to the famous opera and an AFL game in Brisbane.

After we handed in all the seminar papers, we went on a holiday to Fiji. Afterwards, we went travelling to Melbourne and from there via the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide. When we got back from our trip, we also attended the Completion Ceremony for International Students studying Award programs, before we said goodbye to friends, the beautiful beach in Mooloolaba and the kangaroos at the USC campus.


All in all, my semester abroad at USC was an absolutely unforgettable time! I have expanded and applied my knowledge, made new friends from all over the world and travelled through Australia. Anyone who wants to study at a modern university in the middle of a national park with kangaroos, and in a place where others spend their holidays, are in best hands at USC!

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