Rajkumari Karki from Nepal studying a Master of Health Promotion at USC SouthBank

QVDR2399My name is Rajkumari Karki, and I’m currently undertaking a Master of Health Promotion at USC SouthBank. I’m from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. I come from a nursing background and I was keen to get a degree in a multi-disciplinary subject that would also be closely related to health. I did my research in finding a course that was new to me and had good career prospects. The Master of Heath Promotion at USC was what I decided to enrol into because this program had lot to offer.

My journey of moving and studying abroad got started when I came to Queensland. Along with the happiness, there were lots of challenges and hurdles ahead for me. Coming from a different cultural background, ethnicity, language and very distinctive way of teaching and learning, I had to work really hard to adjust myself to a completely new environment of independent learning.

IMG_4731I’m very thankful to USC for supporting me throughout. All the lecturers, facilitators and student support staff were always there to support me to find an answer to my queries. That’s how I got to know how many resources there are to help you when needed. It wasn’t just during class times that I received support; I’ve also been able to access a range of services available online, such as Studiosity and Student Hub.

As an international student I was pleased to see there are always resources and services available to help support you; all you need to do is reach out for them. Some of these helpful services include:

IMG_E4721Australia is big and there are lots of places to travel around. Travelling around Australia is very convenient due to easy access to various modes of transportation including bus, rail and ferry. I like it here in Queensland; it’s beautiful and has a lot to offer. I enjoy my time on beaches, they are really mesmerising. Redcliffe, Shorncliffe and Moreton Bay are good places to go. One of my preferred destinations is the South Bank Parklands which are very close to our campus. Sitting at the bank of the Brisbane River and spending some quality time with family and friends is a wonderful feeling.

IMG_1251Studying in new a country has its own beauty including meeting new people from all around the world,  exploring places full of adventure, learning in a very distinctive way of teaching and much more.

I have to say I am enjoying my studies at USC SouthBank. I would personally recommend that all international students use the resources available within the campus for better health and academic outcomes.

– Rajkumari Karki




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