USC student Emily Cambangay studying overseas at Otemon Gakuin University in Japan

IMG_20190601_110241Konnichiwa! My name is Emily and I have been fortunate enough to participate in the study overseas program in Japan for one semester. I am currently living in Osaka, Sojiji for approximately four months while studying at Otemon Gakuin University.

At this University, I am studying the Japanese language in an engaging environment and participating in other optional classes. My study experiences so far have been outstanding as I feel like my Japanese skills have immensely improved due to the classes being taught in Japanese only. Living in Osaka has a lot of advantages especially for travelling with Kyoto just around the corner (only 30 minutes away on the local trains). Japan during spring is incredibly surreal as this is the time where the cherry blossoms are at full bloom and festivals are ongoing. Japanese people are one of the kindest people you will ever meet. They are always willing to help lost foreigners! Which was extremely handy in the first few weeks staying here.

IMG_20190407_110534I have so far gained more love and understanding for the culture and food, lifelong friends from all around the world and a memorable cultural experience.

I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about studying overseas in Japan to go, as I believe you can learn and grasp a more in-depth understanding of the Japanese culture and language. Lastly, I recommend choosing an accommodation nearby the University due to Japanese public transportation being a bit expensive.

– Emily Cambangay

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One thought on “USC student Emily Cambangay studying overseas at Otemon Gakuin University in Japan

  1. Hi, I was wondering what a rough idea of how much you’d allow for public transport each week if you are going to the same uni but staying in Suita? Thankyou!

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