15 Things You Most Likely Experienced When Living At Student Accommodation On The Sunshine Coast

1. Your first night at student accommodation felt really weird (you’re on the other side of the world!)


2. You constantly procrastinated by the pool trying to motivate yourself to study:


3. You noticed how your milk slowly disappeared without you touching it:


4. And of course, the food thief:


5. You experienced being really proud of yourself for managing a whole day of studying, rewarding yourself with a week off:


6. You experienced the highest level of stress possible when you were hanging out with your mates, realising at 10pm that your assignment is due at 11.59pm:

giphy (1).gif

7. You locked yourself out too many times… (the security guard probably knew your name towards the end):

giphy (2).gif

8. You strategically made friends with at least one person owning a car because you were too lazy walking to Wollies:


9. You went on a Maccas (McDonald’s) run to Mooloolaba with your best mate late at night:

tenor (1).gif

10. Your team was always one person down (or just being useless) when attending the Volleyball competition:


11. You spent more time on your computer booking weekend getaways rather than spending time on your assignments:

giphy (3).gif

12. The accommodation turned into a ghost town during semester break (who doesn’t love to travel!):


13. Not to mention, someone was always trying to sell their TP-Link Router:


14. And you really get to show off your skills as an salesman when you need to get rid off some of your stuff towards the end:

giphy (4)

15. However, leaving your student accommodation and friends at the end were one of the saddest things you’ve had to do!




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