USC student Billy Curtis studying overseas at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic

34Dobry Den! I am writing this hoping to convince a few people who are on edge about whether to study overseas for a semester or two at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. Looking back, it is as easy as throwing a few clothes together in a bag, grabbing a visa and enjoying the next few weeks/months/years as they come. You won’t be prepared for anything at all, neither are the people you meet. It is great to take motivation from exchange blogs, but words can’t describe the ups, downs, awkward situations and life changing moments and people you will meet. Cooking huge feeds with your international friends, trying the countries unique foods, going out for too many Czech beers, catching ten-dollar trains to another country, you can make a list of hundreds of things that will stick in your memories for decades to come.2

In Brno, the classes are quite different to The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) with faculties spread all throughout the city with huge staircases going up beautiful old buildings. Classes are quite a bit smaller having more group orientated activities which you spend hanging out and learning interesting stuff with your international friends. Cheap healthy yum food is everywhere throughout the city during the day, and as Brno is full of young people, there is awesome bars to celebrate any occasion (or any excuse) in the evening. During the Semester, the city is packed with young students so there is always a great vibe.

22You will DEFINITELY want to travel to nearby Czech places like Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Bohemian Switzerland, and nearby lakes and hiking spots. Getting around the country is sooooo easy with Regio Jet, busses, and trains are SUPER cheap (free water and coffee too). In Brno, the public transport is just about perfect with busses and trains running all the time, including in the early early mornings… Taxis are also very cheap and reliable but aren’t 6556usually necessary. There is so many beautiful places to go to within a few hours of Brno but definitely make the most of Ryanair flights to places around Europe. If you have already looked at studying abroad in Europe, you are probably excited about all the cities you will visit. However, when you arrive, those will go out the window as you will never want to leave your new best friends for more than a day!! Seriously, the travel is really cool when studying overseas but the memories will be made with the people around you, so make sure to go to as many events as possible to meet some of the sweetest people.

54234Absolutely everyone is freaking out when they arrive, and no one has any idea how to sort out accommodation, university, where to go, what the different things mean and so on,  but it all works out in the end – so there is no need to stress to much! Studying overseas will definitely open up doors for your future and give you a greater perspective of the world while making lifelong friends and memories on the way.



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