Yannick Blake from the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn in Germany studying a Diploma in Business at USC Sunshine Coast


Cheers mates,

I am Yannick a.k.a. the cool pineapple fruit dude. I study in Heilbronn, Germany at the University of Applied Sciences. And, like literally every German, I study business at USC for one semester.

As most of you surely not only go to Australia to enjoy the academic excellence of teaching, Australia also offers the most beautiful places that you should include in your obligatory mid-semester road trip. If you want some impressions from those places, visit my Instagram @eggrem and @usc.international. But now we go:

  1. Fraser Island:

DCIM/101MEDIA/DJI_0178.JPGOne of the most breathtaking places Iโ€™ve ever been to! Donโ€™t miss out on Lake McKenzie and Lake Birrabeen, the second is a truly hidden gem. But donโ€™t book a tour, better do it on your own with a rented 4WD full of friends. So, with a little planning, you can miss out on all the tourist peak times, but not on the enormous fun off-roading makes (the metallic clanking is normal ๐Ÿ˜Š).

  1. Keppel Island:

IMG_8348Definitely not overrun by tourists, and relatively cheap to get there by ferry (45$ return). However, not cheap to drive up there (several hundred kms up the coast), but on a roadtrip, include this place and enjoy the marvellous sea life. Little hint: They have an abandoned Luxus Resort over there- and the fence is torn down at some places.

  1. Airlie Beach:

DCIM/101MEDIA/DJI_0209.JPGVery popular, yet still beautiful. Also consider doing one of the little walks up one of the hills (but get off early enough- you gonna underestimate it!). If you do the obligatory sailing cruise to the Whitsundays, take medicine against seasickness with you. You may feel confident, but seasickness kicks in when you expect it the least.

  1. Byron Bay:

DCIM/101MEDIA/DJI_0129.JPGOnly 3 hours drive down the bay, providing perfect conditions for surfers and all those who aspire to become such. Also, the walk up to the lighthouse is worth it- and is pure beauty at the dawn. Tip: If you want to save some money, donโ€™t do a tour, but book a car at sunsetrentacar and get your friends in!

  1. Glasshouse mountains:

IMG_7948_compressedThe activity closest to the USC. Climb up some of the mountains on a track that meets your fitness and enjoy the wide view over both the hinterland and the coast. Pro tip: Do it before bushfire season to be sure no smoke is covering parts of the scenery.

But the most important tip I can give you: Meet people, make friends, and enjoy life!Picture 1


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