Jani Bjelland & Kriatian Alster Mathisen from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) – Stord Haugesund studying abroad at USC Sunshine Coast

Sunshine CoastHi,

We are Kristian and Jani and we are exchange students from HVL in Haugesund, Norway, where we are doing our bachelor in business and administration. We decided to take one semester abroad, and after we had an information meeting about the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), we were determined that this is where we wanted to go study, and now that we’re at the end of our semester, we have no regrets.

When we got here, we decided that we would take our weekends to explore Australia. However, we did not realise how much schoolwork there was going to be, but despite this we managed to do some travelling. We have visited Brisbane, Sydney and Noosa, and we are soon going to Cairns.

kangaroo-1.jpgSo glad we chose to study at the Sunshine Coast, it is close to the beach, national parks and it is just a chill city, and if we need a change of scenery, we can just take a bus and a train to experience the city life of Brisbane. We also quite enjoyed the Australia Zoo that is less than an hour by bus. Here we got to see a lot of the Australian wildlife.

One of the first trips we went on was a daytrip to Brisbane where we spent hours just walking around and taking in the city. We walked in the beautiful park by the river where they have a great variety of plant life you don’t normally see anywhere else. Unfortunately, we didn’t do much research before going here, but we heard from others that we should have checked out South Bank more.

Noosa is the perfect place to just come and relax, which we did during our study break before starting on all our assignments. Every day we went to the beach, had a swim and got some tan. We visited the National Park one day and it was so cool, there was a bunch of beaches there and we also saw a koala. At the end of the trip we canoed in the Noosa everglades, which was recommended to us by the visitor information center, and it was so good. All in all, a very successful trip and we we’re semi-motivated to go home and start our assignments.


Sydney was the best place we visited. It is such a big city and there is so much to do and so much to eat. When we went on the weekend-trip to Sydney, we took a plane from Maroochydore airport and booked a hotel in Chinatown, which was so nice. We went on a sunrise kayaking tour at 5:30AM and had a beautiful view of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour bridge, much recommended. Other than that, we ate a bunch of good food and walked all over town.

We are so happy that we went studying abroad and we HIGHLY recommended everybody to do so. It seems super scary travelling from everything familiar, but it is so good. We are definitely coming back to Australia because there is so much more exploring to do and kangaroos to cuddle with.

– Kristian Alster Mathisen @lille_mathisen & Jani Bjelland @janibjelland



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