Nathalie Lundin from Blueberry World Wide in Sweden studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at USC Sunshine Coast

Blog3_-_Koala-triangleHello! I’m Nathalie Lundin from Sweden, and I’m studying for a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at USC Sunshine Coast. I am currently on my second year out of three in total and it’s only getting better and better! I came here with help from Blueberry World Wide and they made everything so incredibly easy. I had a spontaneous wish of studying in Australia, clicked on ‘apply’, and a few months later I was on my way to live my best life, away from cold and grey Sweden! Best decision I’ve ever made.

5 Things that will make your friends back home jealous when studying at USC Sunshine Coast:

Blog2 - BuderimFalls1. Take a cheeky waterfall-shower 15 minutes away from campus:

Buderim Falls is located only 15 minutes from USC and it’s the perfect little break from studying or to just chill out for a hot second. Buderim Falls is just one of an amazing amount of beautiful waterfalls so see in Australia!

2. Cuddle with ‘Australian-only’ animals:

Blog4 - KangarooOne of the first things I saw walking to the USC campus was the kangaroos, just casually hopping around freely and to my surprise, I saw them almost every day somewhere around campus and it never gets old! And if you get a chance to see a Koala, go for it! They’re even cuddlier than you think.

Blog5 - Surfboard3. Try surfing and other cool water sports:

With Sunshine Coast’s absolute amazing beaches it’s definitely a bucket list thing to try out surfing! USC is located very close to many beaches, so it’s pretty much which one you feel like that particular day! Mooloolaba Beach, Alexandra Heads, Kawana Waters, Coolum Beach and Noosa just to mention a few of Sunshine Coast’s beaches. So far I’ve tried surfing, skimboarding, kneeboarding, wakeboarding and surfing after a boat. I can’t say I’m amazing but it’s so much fun to just go for it and try! Or just get an Instagram photo with the board, whatever floats your boat 😉

4. Relax with some beach volleyball and pool hang with other students between classes:

blog8 - volleyballI lived at Varsity apartments for my first year and I’ve never had so much fun in my life. Moving to Australia without knowing anyone was no issue at all, from day one I met other students in the same position and here I am today with friends for life and some crazy memories. Just walking outside of the apartment for some volleyball, pool hang or tennis makes Uni-life so much better. You meet new people constantly, and really, the only bad part is when someone is going home after their semester here in Australia.

Blog8 - Great Barrier Reef5. Try out the city life in Sydney and Brisbane:

The Opera House, Blue Mountains, and Darling Harbour in Sydney. Eat Street, the concerts, the sports events, and South Bank beach are a few things worth doing and seeing in the big cities. Take a weekend or the mid-semester break to go crazy and explore the city life before heading back to the beautiful and calm beaches home in Sunshine Coast.

– Nathalie Lundin @nattlundin

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