Philipp Danninger from Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences studying a Diploma in General Studies at USC Sunshine Coast

My name is Philipp, and I am studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Science Upper Austria. Together with two colleagues from Austria, we decided to study abroad for one semester in Australia. Our university has an agreement with USC Sunshine Coast, so it was easy to get useful information and understand how the enrolment process worked.

Our journey began in Austria, flying several hours across the world, but it was worth it. When we arrived, we quickly got new friends who were kind enough to show us many the many beautiful places around the Sunshine Coast and provided us with some useful tips.

My colleagues and I decided to rent a small flat in Buddina, next to the beach. We spent a lot time at the beach and especially in the water in order to learn how to surf.

During our first month in Australia, we used the bus to get to the university. Later on, we got our own car which enabled us to travel a lot on our own. Because our car is a 4WD, we drove a lot on the beach which was so exiting. Getting our own car was one of the best decisions we made.

As travelling is one of my biggest passions, I thought I would share a few tips for weekend trips you could do whilst studying at USC Sunshine Coast.

Rainbow beach (Inskip point)

Rainbow beach is such a great place to spend the day and camp at the night. Just bring a tent or sleep in the car, and enjoy the beautiful beach. Remember to pay for your camp site here.

Byron Bay

One of my favourite places in Australia is Byron Bay. It takes approximately 3 hours by car to get there from USC. You can do the walk up to the lighthouse, which is the most easterly point of Australia.

Australia Zoo

Visiting Australian Zoo is worth it. To get a discount, you could use the WOW card. The zoo is huge and there are some live shows where alligators and tigers get fed.

– Philipp Danninger





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