Mirin Sato from Japan (GCS Group Australia) studying a Bachelor of Animal Ecology at USC Sunshine Coast

image007Konnichiwa, my name is Mirin Sato, and I am from Japan. I am doing a Bachelor of Animal Ecology here at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). I would like to apologise in advance for my poor writing (haha, it’s very Japanese style). I just graduated from a Japanese High School in March this year and came here in May, so this is my first semester.

What did I do for 2 months from May to July? Actually, I was an EAP (English language program) student at USC before commencing by bachelors degree, because my english skills and academic knowledge did not meet the requirements prior to commencing my degree (my english is not there yet, though). Okay, without further ado, let’s get down to the main topic. What I want to talk is about my USC life so far and what I find surprising abour Australia.

When I studied in the EAP class, I practised IELTS where I learned how to write a report, and how to give a presentation from morning till evening, 5 days a week. It was sometimes hard for me at that time, but I have always wanted to be a university student. However, I realised I took university lightly at first as I realised it can be hard work sometimes. It could cometimes seem like local students and international students around me had confidence for everything, I have my hands full just following conversation and catching up with classes, However, the Bachelor of Animal Ecology changed that, and it has been so fascinating and interesting so far. The degree even includes some field trips, including image012whale and bird watching, which have also helped me to become motivated to study here. Now, I am getting used to campus life and I will keep doing my best!

Everything in Australia is new and surprising for me, such as people in Australia going outside without shoes and an umbrella, even when it is raining. The cost of things can sometimes be high, except when you buy a rice cooker, which is only 13 dollars!? If I start thinking about something surprising in Australia, there is no ending to it, so I pick only one; Australia is treasure of nature. There are so many beautiful national parks on the Sunshine Coast. I was stunned by how beautiful the view from the Mount Coolum was. Moreover, once you go outside, you can see hundreds of kinds of birds, varying in colour and size. image003My favourite is the rainbow lorikeet, which can be seen on the campus (picture below)! In addition to birds, you can also see kangaroos at USC. It is not too much to say that kangaroos here made me decide to choose this university.

Studying abroad can bring both ups and downs; but let’s keep on going and have fun!

– Mirin Sato @mirin_sugar


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