Fabian Hoos from University of Applied Sciences Koblenz – RheinAhr in Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

Hello, my name is Fabian Hoos. I am from Germany, next to Cologne, and study sports management in my 3rd semester. Through my home university, the HS Koblenz, I got in touch with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Australia. As my university has good connections with USC, I received a scholarship to study in Australia for one semester.

Spending a semester abroad is something I can recommend to anybody. There are so many new inputs and impressions that grow your personality and your character. In the beginning, it is always a little bit scary, but it is an unforgettable experience.

Having spent one semester at USC, there are things I will never forget and miss when I get back home to Germany.

  1. 1Gym next to the Uni

As I love doing sports and working out with friends at the USC Gym, it is perfect that the gym is just 5 minutes away from the student accommodation. The staff is super nice, and it is the perfect opportunity to stay fit during the studies.

  1. 2Living at varsity

Spending a semester abroad is always about getting in touch with new people. At Vastity Apartments, there are many international students, who all have the same interest: Getting to know each other and having a great time. Having some great social events and suffering together before exams is half of the life of the students at varsity.

  1. 3Being close to Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. Besides Southbank, the city centre is a superb spot for shopping and having dinner with friends. By train, it is just one and a half hours to get there and the short travel is totally worth it. My recommendation: stay in Brisbane for a weekend in interest of having time to discover and enjoy the whole city.

  1. 4Travelling during the semester break

Studying is important, but it is also important to discover the country in which your studying in. Therefore, the semester break is the perfect opportunity for that. Travelling with friends is great fun and a guarantee for a nice time. With 4 other friends, I rented a camper and travelled to Cairns and back. Stopped at Airlie Beach, Rockhampton and Hervey Bay among many other nice places.

  1. 5Having an international environment

Whether you’re at Uni, the gym, at Varsity Apartments or travelling, there are always international people around. Living and studying together with people from all around the globe is super exciting. Sometimes challenging, but in the end a very nice and important experience.

It is very hard to find words for all the experiences and impressions of the semester at USC. I found new friends and discovered incredible places in Australia. It is definitely an unforgettable time!

– Fabian Hoos @fabian.hoos

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