USC student Daniel Chilly studying overseas at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda in Germany

3My name is Daniel Chilly, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work/Criminology & Justice. I participated in theStudy Overseas program during the winter of 2019, September to December, at University of Applied Sciences Fulda, Germany. I chose to study at this university as it had a set International Social Work Course that offered an integrated internship into the study requirements. This really appealed to me as I was attracted to the practical learning element rather than the courses being wholly theoretical.

The experience studying in Germany was both excellent and confronting. It was different, and difficult at times, living and learning in a country that did not speak English as a native tongue. However, it provided myself the opportunity to learn and grow personally by overcoming the challenges of immersing myself in a culture that is very different to what I am used to. One of the highlights of the trip was having the opportunity to travel to Munich to attend the Oktoberfest. The atmosphere was electric and it was one of the first times attending an event that was big and attended by so many people, it was definitely an experience I will remember for life. The growth that occurred during this semester abroad will definitely stay with me for life and will be a reminder of what I can achieve.

If I had to provide a tip for anyone that is going to study overseas in the future it would definitely be to try and stay as flexible and calm as possible. While travelling there can be many times that carefully planned trips do not always go as planned. When this occurs, breathe, take a minute and problem solved. Dwelling on things you cannot control only leads to stress and is not helpful in getting to your destination, believe me I know.

Studying and living in Germany has been one of the best experiences of my life and I would recommend anyone thinking of studying abroad to give it a shot.

– Daniel Chilly

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