Thomas Dutz from the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz – RheinAhr in Germany studying a Double Degree at USC Sunshine Coast

20200221_102316Hello everyone!

My name is Thomas. I am from Germany, studying in a Double Degree Business program here on the Sunshine Coast.

In this article I will present you 3 habits that you will pick up in Australia:

  1. Friendly attitude

“A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet” is a phrase that really gets alive in Australia. I have been surprised by how open strangers are for casual chats. Whether in supermarkets, on the campus or in nature. It is great a habit that will make you feel connected wherever you go. It also evolves into thanking the cashier for their work or thanking the bus driver for driving. Calling strangers your mates is also part of this attitude. Taking this habit back to your home country will make you stand out in a positive light.

  1. 20200608_155013Becoming one with animals

You can experience a bunch of different species on a daily basis. Some of them are cute as a button, like the kangaroos on the campus. They are also always nicely dressed for a photo shooting. Some of them are majestic birds, like the black swan that will mesmerise you with their beauty and elegance. While other birds are taking the phrase of “early bird” way too seriously. Thanks to them, alarm clocks are almost extinct here 😉. Besides that, I will promise you that dangerous animals won’t scare you anymore when leaving Australia. When returning home, you will probably start calling your local animals mates and have no problem sympathising with them.

  1. Every day is adventure day


Wanna go surfing during sunrise? Wanna explore hidden waterfalls in rain forests? Wanna go hiking in the Glass House Mountains? Wanna go kayaking? Wanna relax at white sand beaches? No Problem, the Sunshine Coast has it all. It is just in front of your doorstep waiting for you. With that much variety, no day is like the other. This amount of inspiration will motivate you to rediscover everything in your local place and to find beauty in every imaginable corner.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick those habits up, as long as they are hot and fresh!

Visionary Greetings

Your Thomas

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