Sebastian Kind from Germany studying a Master of Business Administration / Master of International Business at USC Sunshine Coast

3Hello everyone, my Name is Sebastian Kind and I am studying a dual degree Master of Business Administration and International Business. I’m originally from a small town called Goeppingen close to Stuttgart, Germany.

I came across the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) while studying at Griffith University in Brisbane and ended up having a chat to the international business department who confirmed that USC cares about their students and is motivated to bring all the international students together. This motivated me to switch University and continuing my Bachelor of Business with USC. After the completion of an internship back in Germany, I ended up choosing USC Sippy Downs for my postgraduate studies to further broaden my horizon and enable me to further gather knowledge. The combination of the small coastal community charm of the Sunshine Coast region and the motivated lecturers, who design their courses with the students learning in mind, has all together been a great experience for me and I’m proud to have had the opportunity to be part of USC during my studies. The location of the sippy downs campus and the abundant wildlife on campus made me excited to go to class and study at the library, including taking many pictures of kangaroos, all kinds of colourful birds and ducklings for my family and friends back home.


Studying my business focused undergraduate degree at USC has been a great experience in order to learn about the different aspects of commerce from my compulsory courses including marketing, economics, accounting and management. Furthermore, a high level of variety of electives including entrepreneurship, change management, innovation management and supply chain management has led me to a change in mindset rather than learning old theory , in addition to making me feel prepared for a changing business landscape. Choosing my MBA/MIB double program gave me the ability to further broaden my horizon. The close communication between the course coordinators and the students made discussions on a high level enjoyable and relative for my further development. Overall, I’m proud to have had the opportunity to study at USC Sippy Downs and to be part of the community which comes with being a student here at USC.

Studying at USC has presented me with a great opportunity to explore the surroundings of the Sunshine Coast, in addition to the many trips to different locations around Australia and neighbouring countries. Trips to Fiji, Bali and Tasmania highlighted the diverse environment which students of USC are able to explore. Various road trips around Australia including to Adelaide, Kangaroo Island (prior to the fires), Melbourne, Byron Bay and many more are places which will have a great influence on me for the rest of my life.

The change from on campus classes to online study during the pandemic this semester has taught me the joys of online studying and how to build friendships in zoom session. Teachers offering support via consulting session via zoom reconfirmed their ambition to distribute lifelong knowledge rather than just simply passing the subject.

Studying at USC is an experience which made me to the person I’m today and I wouldn’t want to have gone anywhere else.

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