Manuela Osorio Martinez from Brazil studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at USC Sunshine Coast

Hey everyone!

My name is Manuela and I am from Brazil. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, and I came to Australia to study the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), a 4-year program. When I decided to study at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), I came to Australia 6 months before enrolling and visited several Universities in Melbourne, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, but in the end, USC had the best program, wonderful and supportive staff, and a beautiful campus. As a result of this, I felt more comfortable and therefore ended up deciding to study here!

Before coming to USC I received assistance from a company called Australian Centre in Brazil in regard to the visa process and my application. Since then, I have enjoyed studying at USC a lot, even with all the changes that has happened during COVID, where the university has had an amazing structure in order to move their students to online learning. Further, I received a support from a lot of places, such as my tutors, the academic wellbeing staff, the academic skills team and other staff! I felt really supported and confident with continuing my studies even with all the changes happening in the world.

Studying Psychology is very interesting and the support that the University gives with all the assessments, and the content is organised very well! The library is beautiful, and everything works up to expectations; USC has an amazing infrastructure! I decided to study psychology because I love to help people and I am interested in how our mind works and why it works the way it does. I sure have a lot of new interesting information to explore!

Moreover, Sunshine Coast is beautiful. I live near the beach which gives me the opportunity to go for walks or run in the mornings, and I enjoy the city and the nature at the same time! There is a place called Noosa, which is a 30 minute drive from my house where you can find a beautiful city centre with cafés and restaurants, and not to mention the most beautiful national park I have ever seen! You can surf there or go for hikes, it is a very beautiful place to visit.

The city has lots of waterfalls nearby, beautiful beaches, a cycle way all around the city, which gives me the opportunity to travel to the Uni by bike if I want to! In addition, the lifestyle in Australia is amazing! If I could give a tip for new students, I would say enjoy your time here as much as you can, use the support provided from the academic skills and wellbeing staff, enjoy your courses and use your cute USC planner to help you stay organised so you can visit the amazing places around the coast! I am sure you will love the experience here, as much as I am loving it!

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