Gurleen Kaur studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at USC

My name is Gurleen Kaur and I am from India. My program of study is the Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting). I chose to study at USC because the university welcomes students from all around the world and has a lot of diversity, which makes it a likely option for every person to be accepted in a diverse environment.

Studying at USC

Studying at USC has been a fun and delightful experience. I enjoyed my course of study thoroughly. All the staff and teachers were supportive, and I made a few friends as well which have become a part of my life. USC helped me understand the career I want to pursue through my degree. It showed me the way of doing so, and the course structure was simple and divided into parts from basic to more experienced knowledge. My overall impression of the program is great as it has given me an experience of a lifetime.

Living in Australia

Living in Australia has been a good experience for me overall. I learned from each day living here by myself. I can cherish the memories that I made throughout these three years, and I have been living in a share house since I came here. I have had to travel to USC through bus and I will never forget those days of travelling with airpods in my ears and listening music on my way to study. Attending classes is a mandatory thing (for some courses) in order to pass with good marks, so that would be my tip for future students.

Mohammad from India studied and graduated from USC

The most treasured memory of my lifetime was the time I spent studying at USC.

This is Mohammad Asif from India. Choosing a University abroad was really a tough task for me because it comparatively involves a higher tuition fees, but after arriving to USC I realised that “I have made the best decision of my life”. The reason behind this is that I have been guided with efficiency throughout the process of application until completing my degree. This made me say that “USC is the best University in the world”. I got what I was looking for in a professional degree at a reasonable cost.

USC has got everything that an international student looks for in a University. Especially, it’s professors who give attention to every single student. I received enormous assistance throughout my degree that helped me to successfully complete my degree within required time.

Mixing with local students has been so easy because of their welcoming hearts and helping nature. I made so many friends that helped me to learn about Australian culture.

The campus consists of a lot of facilities to cater for the needs of students such as modern lecture theatres, library and master room where I spent most of my time studying with a group of classmates. I spent my leisure time in the USC Guild area doing extra-curricular activity and socialising with friends. USC International offers a range of different services such as understanding student health cover policy and maintaining the rapport between study and student visa conditions.

After completing my degree at USC I obtained two years of post-study work permit which has enabled me to gain some Australian work experience. I believe that this is a valuable asset on my CV.

I can proudly say that I am an MPA graduate of USC and spent the best two years of my life studying there.