Manuela Osorio Martinez from Brazil studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at USC Sunshine Coast

Hey everyone!

My name is Manuela and I am from Brazil. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, and I came to Australia to study the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), a 4-year program. When I decided to study at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), I came to Australia 6 months before enrolling and visited several Universities in Melbourne, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, but in the end, USC had the best program, wonderful and supportive staff, and a beautiful campus. As a result of this, I felt more comfortable and therefore ended up deciding to study here!

Before coming to USC I received assistance from a company called Australian Centre in Brazil in regard to the visa process and my application. Since then, I have enjoyed studying at USC a lot, even with all the changes that has happened during COVID, where the university has had an amazing structure in order to move their students to online learning. Further, I received a support from a lot of places, such as my tutors, the academic wellbeing staff, the academic skills team and other staff! I felt really supported and confident with continuing my studies even with all the changes happening in the world.

Studying Psychology is very interesting and the support that the University gives with all the assessments, and the content is organised very well! The library is beautiful, and everything works up to expectations; USC has an amazing infrastructure! I decided to study psychology because I love to help people and I am interested in how our mind works and why it works the way it does. I sure have a lot of new interesting information to explore!

Moreover, Sunshine Coast is beautiful. I live near the beach which gives me the opportunity to go for walks or run in the mornings, and I enjoy the city and the nature at the same time! There is a place called Noosa, which is a 30 minute drive from my house where you can find a beautiful city centre with cafés and restaurants, and not to mention the most beautiful national park I have ever seen! You can surf there or go for hikes, it is a very beautiful place to visit.

The city has lots of waterfalls nearby, beautiful beaches, a cycle way all around the city, which gives me the opportunity to travel to the Uni by bike if I want to! In addition, the lifestyle in Australia is amazing! If I could give a tip for new students, I would say enjoy your time here as much as you can, use the support provided from the academic skills and wellbeing staff, enjoy your courses and use your cute USC planner to help you stay organised so you can visit the amazing places around the coast! I am sure you will love the experience here, as much as I am loving it!

Sunshine Coast Christmas Night Markets 2020

It’s almost that time of the year again, and even though this year has been quite different from previous years, we’re glad to see that Christmas is closing up on the Sunshine Coast!

We did some digging and found 3 local night markets that are held here on the Sunshine Coast, so make sure you pay them a visit and support businesses and farmers during this holiday period.

Christmas Quarter

WHEN:  Various days from 6-20 December, 5pm-10pm
WHERE: Nightquarter, Birtinya

ChristmasQuarter is the ultimate Christmas pop-up experience set to open for a limited season this December! Celebrate the magic of Christmas with a multi-sensory and interactive adventure through a Christmas wonderland. Meet colourful Christmas characters within three different seasonal worlds including the Elves Workshop the Snowy Forest and Grinch-land. ChristmasQuarter invites you to explore a colourful wonderland of festive cheer, imagination and adventure (info)


Eumundi Twilight Christmas Markets

WHEN:  Friday 4 December, 5pm – 8.30pm
WHERE: Eumundi Markets, 80 Memorial Drive, Eumundi

Friday Nights in Eumundi are the place to be in December as they celebrate Christmas with the Eumundi Twilight Christmas Markets! There will be live music and entertainment, street food from all corners of the globe and heaps of art and craft stalls. If you’re the kind of person that struggles to get into the Christmas spirit, this is the market for you!

Twilight Markets Caloundra

WHEN:  Wednesday 23 & 30 December, 5pm – 9.00pm
WHERE: Cerulean, 14-16 Leeding Terrace, Caloundra QLD 4551

This is a great market down in Caloundra if you wish to enjoy live music, delicious food, unique arts and crafts, and much more. You can enjoy a great night out with friends exploring the different stalls, and visit shops and restaurants on the Esplanade which will be open for late night trading on the market nights.

Sebastian Kind from Germany studying a Master of Business Administration / Master of International Business at USC Sunshine Coast

3Hello everyone, my Name is Sebastian Kind and I am studying a dual degree Master of Business Administration and International Business. I’m originally from a small town called Goeppingen close to Stuttgart, Germany.

I came across the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) while studying at Griffith University in Brisbane and ended up having a chat to the international business department who confirmed that USC cares about their students and is motivated to bring all the international students together. This motivated me to switch University and continuing my Bachelor of Business with USC. After the completion of an internship back in Germany, I ended up choosing USC Sippy Downs for my postgraduate studies to further broaden my horizon and enable me to further gather knowledge. The combination of the small coastal community charm of the Sunshine Coast region and the motivated lecturers, who design their courses with the students learning in mind, has all together been a great experience for me and I’m proud to have had the opportunity to be part of USC during my studies. The location of the sippy downs campus and the abundant wildlife on campus made me excited to go to class and study at the library, including taking many pictures of kangaroos, all kinds of colourful birds and ducklings for my family and friends back home.


Studying my business focused undergraduate degree at USC has been a great experience in order to learn about the different aspects of commerce from my compulsory courses including marketing, economics, accounting and management. Furthermore, a high level of variety of electives including entrepreneurship, change management, innovation management and supply chain management has led me to a change in mindset rather than learning old theory , in addition to making me feel prepared for a changing business landscape. Choosing my MBA/MIB double program gave me the ability to further broaden my horizon. The close communication between the course coordinators and the students made discussions on a high level enjoyable and relative for my further development. Overall, I’m proud to have had the opportunity to study at USC Sippy Downs and to be part of the community which comes with being a student here at USC.

Studying at USC has presented me with a great opportunity to explore the surroundings of the Sunshine Coast, in addition to the many trips to different locations around Australia and neighbouring countries. Trips to Fiji, Bali and Tasmania highlighted the diverse environment which students of USC are able to explore. Various road trips around Australia including to Adelaide, Kangaroo Island (prior to the fires), Melbourne, Byron Bay and many more are places which will have a great influence on me for the rest of my life.

The change from on campus classes to online study during the pandemic this semester has taught me the joys of online studying and how to build friendships in zoom session. Teachers offering support via consulting session via zoom reconfirmed their ambition to distribute lifelong knowledge rather than just simply passing the subject.

Studying at USC is an experience which made me to the person I’m today and I wouldn’t want to have gone anywhere else.

New Project (4)

USC Alumni Evelina Hult: From Boston To Exciting Opportunities On The Sunshine Coast

My name is Evelina, I am 23 years old, and I am from Sweden. I came to Australia in 2015 to study a Bachelor of Business. I majored in International Business, minored in Marketing and Management, and I graduated in 2018.

I had never been to Australia when I first came here to study, but I could not have been happier with my decision. I was first considering moving to the U.S., but when I found USC in a brochure at the agency (Study Abroad – Gothenburg) that helped me apply to USC, I changed my mind. I was deciding between USC and Griffith, but I fell in love with the idea of having kangaroos on campus. Since I was already nervous about moving from Sweden only 4 weeks after my high school graduation, I also liked that the university wasn’t too big.

I am very happy with my choice of degree as the courses are relevant in today’s society, it is a very broad degree and gives a variety of different career options. I really liked the diversity at the university, and both the staff and students are very friendly and helpful. The degree itself is not the hardest if you only want to pass, but with the right help, support, motivation, and self-discipline, it is more than possible to achieve more than that. With all of that, studying at USC gave me the opportunity to move to Boston in America to do my Master’s Degree in International Business.

Living and studying in Boston was very different from USC. Hult International Business School was a great school, but more focused on solely business, and most people took their studies very seriously. I did not go to a university that had accommodation so I did not get that whole typical college experience that you see in movies, but the school organised a lot of activities so we all grew close very fast, and just like at USC, I made friends for life. One of the main differences for me was that my degree in America was only one year, so it was way more intense, and the study pace was much faster.

What I’ve realised after being a student in both Australia and America is that I like the lifestyle in Australia better. In terms of my future career, I definitely think it will help having a degree from both countries because I feel more confident working with, and for people with different backgrounds and cultural beliefs, which is crucial and something that happens on a daily basis within the field I studied.  

Now when I am back on the Sunshine Coast I am working, and I have had a few different jobs since I got back in September 2019. The first job I had when I got back was within the hospitality industry which I only worked at while looking for a job within my field of studies. I then got an office job as a Personal Assistant to the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at a business coaching company. When COVID-19 happened I got laid off and starting working at a vineyard doing hospitality again. Luckily I am now back with the Business Coaching company as my old boss called me and wanted me back.

My future plan is to stay here in Australia for a bit longer and then potentially move back to Sweden. When that happens I don’t know, it all depends on my job and visa situation.

If you are thinking about studying at USC but can’t decide whether or not to do it, I would say do it. What’s the worst thing that can happen? That you don’t like it? So what, you can always go back home, but you won’t know how your experience will be unless you try. Don’t listen to people talking negatively about it, only you can decide what you like and what is best for you. Of course there will be difficult times when you miss your family and friends from home, and when you feel a bit lonely and all you want is a home cooked meal, but there is so many amazing things you get to experience while you are away and you will create memories for life that will be worth more than you can imagine.

Deciding to come to Australia and study at USC has been one of the best decisions in my life. I have met so many amazing people that will be my friends for life, they have come to be my family away from home. There is a reason I came back, Australia has a special place in my heart, and I am so lucky to call Australia my second home.

P.S. If you have decided to study abroad, make sure you make the most out of your time and go experience the country. What I can regret some days is that I most weeks spent 7 days at the library instead of taking time off and being outside and exploring. Life is not all about good grades and a high GPA, it’s also about making friends and crating memories.

USC Student Camille Beddoes studying overseas at the University of Wyoming


Hey Everyone!

My name is Camille Beddoes and I have just been on a semester abroad at the University of Wyoming (UW). As soon as I arrived in Wyoming I knew it would be a very different experience to home. It was about negative 15 degrees Celsius when I got to UW (American’s got very confused when I started talking temperature as they do things in Fahrenheit!) and it was heavily snowing. Laramie is a small town high up amongst some of the prettiest scenery and mountains I have ever seen, and as soon as I arrived, I fell in love. Not only is everything like a snow covered postcard, but everyone I met was so kind and welcoming straight away!

UW organises an orientation for all international exchange students and it was such a great way to meet a whole group of new people going through exactly what you are! I met some great people and we went adventuring straight away. We went hiking and snow shoeing in Medicine Bow National Forest and Vedauwoo, which had all of these beautiful huge rocks to climb around. We also went on lots of ski trips up to Snowy Range Ski Hill, which was one of my favourite places. I experienced living in an American dorm, which I would definitely recommend as it was the best way to meet other American’s and I made such good friends with the other people on my floor.

It was basketball season, so we went to many basketball games which is right on campus in a huge auditorium, and the freezing snow was perfect for lots of campfires and marshmallow roastings after the games. The local cowboy dance saloon was also one of the best experiences of my trip, where they take their country dancing seriously out in Wyoming. We went to a few line dancing lessons which UW hosted, and then we tested our skills out with the locals (who have all been doing line dancing since birth!). It was the most fun and it became a regular night out for me! Also, the bar stools in Wyoming were saddles, so cool!!!

I also went to a real rodeo which was just out of town and I couldn’t believe the way people would fly off the bulls when they get tossed around and bounced right back up. Unfortunately, right before I was due to fly to Canada for spring break, the Corona pandemic hit and my trip was abruptly ended, and I had to fly home. I still would definitely recommend study abroad to anyone thinking about it, it was by far the most incredible experience of my life and now I have great friends all over America that I have a fantastic excuse to go back and visit!!

The world needs more Cowboys!! Go Pokes!


Thomas Dutz from the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz – RheinAhr in Germany studying a Double Degree at USC Sunshine Coast

20200221_102316Hello everyone!

My name is Thomas. I am from Germany, studying in a Double Degree Business program here on the Sunshine Coast.

In this article I will present you 3 habits that you will pick up in Australia:

  1. Friendly attitude

“A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet” is a phrase that really gets alive in Australia. I have been surprised by how open strangers are for casual chats. Whether in supermarkets, on the campus or in nature. It is great a habit that will make you feel connected wherever you go. It also evolves into thanking the cashier for their work or thanking the bus driver for driving. Calling strangers your mates is also part of this attitude. Taking this habit back to your home country will make you stand out in a positive light.

  1. 20200608_155013Becoming one with animals

You can experience a bunch of different species on a daily basis. Some of them are cute as a button, like the kangaroos on the campus. They are also always nicely dressed for a photo shooting. Some of them are majestic birds, like the black swan that will mesmerise you with their beauty and elegance. While other birds are taking the phrase of “early bird” way too seriously. Thanks to them, alarm clocks are almost extinct here 😉. Besides that, I will promise you that dangerous animals won’t scare you anymore when leaving Australia. When returning home, you will probably start calling your local animals mates and have no problem sympathising with them.

  1. Every day is adventure day


Wanna go surfing during sunrise? Wanna explore hidden waterfalls in rain forests? Wanna go hiking in the Glass House Mountains? Wanna go kayaking? Wanna relax at white sand beaches? No Problem, the Sunshine Coast has it all. It is just in front of your doorstep waiting for you. With that much variety, no day is like the other. This amount of inspiration will motivate you to rediscover everything in your local place and to find beauty in every imaginable corner.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick those habits up, as long as they are hot and fresh!

Visionary Greetings

Your Thomas

New Project

Time-sapse video of the Sunshine Coast by Dennis Törnström from Sweden studying at USC

Congratulations to Dennis Törnström our very own Swedish USC International student who has created a STUNNING time-lapse video of the Sunshine Coast, which has received coverage from not only one but two TV stations! Dennis is studying a Bachelor of Computer-Based Design and developed this time-LAPSE video as part of one of his USC courses. Dennis’ aim for the video was
“To inspire and share some of the beautiful scenes this region has to offer”.

Dennis’ time-lapse video captures a slice of the scenic beauty of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia which he has experienced by, living and studying on the Coast for the last 2 1/2 years.

Images and footage captured in Dennis’ time-lapse video include the following Sunshine Coast locations:

Mooloolaba, Alexandra Headland, Cotton Tree, Maroochydore, Coolum, Noosa, Glasshouse Mountains, Buderim, Maleny, Montville, Maptelon, Kawana, Pt Cartwright

Check it out by clicking play on the video below!

The Cinematic Orchestra – That Home
Arn Andersson – Ad Infinitum

Melanie from the Philippines studying at USC


I took the initiative to study abroad and it was the best decision I have made as of yet. Since landing in Australia where I basically knew no one, I learned to stand up for myself and asked questions no matter how random and silly it might seem. It was quite daunting at first (just like any other time you did something you’re not used to) but it keeps you motivated to do and experience more.

It was here at the University of the Sunshine Coast that I got to experience lectures with 100 or more other people from different walks of life and still have a great support group academically helping me through my degree. It’s just that personal connection of having other people around that makes studying abroad so much more bearable and fun. Since living here, I’ve realized that experience is more self-fulfilling than any other material gain. I enjoy waking up to the variety of birds chirping and being able to walk along the bridge connecting USC and the houses and just spotting wild life (kangaroos) at its most natural state. Being able to buy food and other handmade crafts from the daily markets is also great. But the best thing is that you get to be surrounded by different beaches and mountains.

In just a short amount of time, I’ve been able to go and explore different places in Queensland. From the city, to the beaches, and to the outback, there’s just so much to see. Here, you get to witness the beautiful sunsets of the Sunny Coast as well as the wonderful city lights of Brisbane.

Melanie Ang

Vincey at Doshisha University in Japan



Studying at Doshisha University for two semesters was an awesome experience. Throughout Japan and the Kansai area Doshisha University, has a very good reputation and is considered to be a very prestigious private university.

I have had so much fun seeing and visiting so many different places on my Study Overseas semester, hear is a list of only a few of the amazing places I have been to: Nagoya we visited Nagoya Castle (picture one), Fushimi Inari (picture two), riding Rickshaws in Japan with the other exchange students (picture three) and visiting Sensō-ji Temple, Asakusa – with the other exchange students studying at Doshisha University (picture four), seeing and dressing up in Japanese Traditional Dress and Adornment (picture six, seven, eight),  monkey feeding, and lastly but certainly not least the beautiful Kinkaku-ji Temple (picture fourteen).

Doshisha University is regarded as one of the best if not the best private university outside of the Tokyo area. It’s one of the most international university’s in Japan having many non-Japanese students (picture 8).

I have fallen in love with the culture, people and food (Parfait picture fourteen), these are only some of the reasons why I decided to extend and stay at Doshisha University for another semester!

Vincey Chan

Fiona from Switzerland studying at USC

I’ve planned my trip to Australia for a long time. I knew that I had one semester off because my high school finished after 3.5 years. It has always been my dream to go to Australia and improve my English but I didn’t want to go to a language school because there often are a lot of Swiss students. Through a German organisation I found USC and I was amazed from the beginning. I enjoyed the hot weather, the new Uni with all the cute Kangaroos and although I came alone to Australia I found friends immediately. Especially my roommate Emity, who was there for me from the beginning, we are really good friends. Since I’m here my weekends are busy all the time. Trips to Noosa, Byron Bay or ‘Parrots in Paradise’, there’s always something to do or explore and I have enjoyed every second of my busy life here 🙂
Coming to Australia was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made and although I’m not even home yet, I’m already planning to come back to this beautiful, interesting and amazing country.

By Fiona IOB

Taylor studying in Munich, Germany

Guten tag!

My seven months of travels and study abroad – what an experience.

When I first arrived in Munich, Germany I had mixed emotions; excitement, anticipation, fear – would I experience extreme culture shock?

Fortunately it wasn’t long before I was calling Munich my second home. Going in with a relatively open mind and limited expectations, allowed me to adapt to the rich German culture and new lifestyle pretty quickly. What also helped me adjust into this new lifestyle were the amazing people I met between my housemates and other friendly international students. I lived with 5 others including a Brazilian, Bulgarian, Iranian, Chinese and another Australian; boy was that was an experience in itself! I also became good friends with a Spanish student who lived within the same student accommodation as me. It was truly enlightening to have such a mixture of people around me because it allowed me to form an understanding of how people from different cultures live and especially the type of food they eat! For example my stomach had to adjust pretty quickly when I found out that my Chinese housemate cooks and eats pig heart on a weekly basis!

Once I completed the painful process of setting up my life in Germany with visas, residency permits and health insurance etc, the fun kicked in… Oktoberfest! The worlds largest ‘funfair’, famously known for its large quantities of beer consumed each year, was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. To paint a picture… you have people walking around in dirndls and lederhosen (traditional German attire), myself included, eating typical Bavarian food such as weisswurst sausages and bread pretzels, going on amusement rides and playing stall games. What I found even more astounding (and admittedly more appealing) were the several beer tents. In any one of these massive tents, you find thousands of extremely happy (often very drunk!) people drinking beer from litre steins with arms around one another, swaying from side to side and singing along with a live German band. I can easily say it’s dwarfed every other festival I’ve ever attended.

But of course they say all good things must come to an end and with the ‘Study Overseas’ program, there had to be some ‘study’ involved right? ;). Fortunately I thoroughly enjoyed the subjects that I had selected. Many of them were based on intercultural communication and proved to be extremely helpful throughout daily life considering I was interacting with people from all over the world.

Throughout my seven months in and around study, I squeezed in as much travel as I could and because countries within Europe are so close to one another, this wasn’t hard to do.  It was such a bizarre concept to know that I could cross international borders in as little as one hour! Some of the beautiful countries that I visited and fell in love with were Greece, Spain, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and of course, Germany.  Because I was in Europe for the winter season I was fortunate enough to experience snow for the first time, and even better, skiing and snowboarding! Despite the fact that I wasn’t as successful at these sports as I had hoped (okay I was terrible!), it was such an amazing experience and I am grateful that I was able to give them a go.

When I look back at my student exchange and reflect on the beautiful people I met and some of the amazing experiences I had, I again have mixed emotions; emotions of happiness that it happened, and sadness that it’s over. But I now have life-long friends from across the globe and many memories to cherish.

Auf Wiedersehen,


Tayla in FH Kufstein, Austria


Tayla, reporting from Kufstein, Austria! Kufstein is a small, quaint town in the state of Tirol, Austria. I am here for the summer semester but when I first arrived I was welcomed by snow. This meant I had the opportunity to ski in the Alps, just 20 minutes away by bus! Now it is much warmer and I spend my days off at the local lakes, in the mountains or in the main town center sitting in the sun with a beer in hand.

The University, FH Kufstein, has a really good international program, all courses are in English and you have the opportunity to join regular courses with the local students. The University is quite new and small but it has a very friendly atmosphere, as everyone knows each other. Most students walk to the Uni and others bike, everything in the town is so close and convenient. There are always events on for international and regular students. They also offer a sports program, where you can do anything from football, basket ball, yoga, floorball (indoor hockey), self defence, zumba and indoor rock climbing to name a few. The Austrian people live a very active lifestyle, always outdoors and in the mountains. 

Kufstein is a perfect location to travel from, positioned in the center of Europe, only minutes away from the German border and one hour away from Munich, the birthplace of Oktoberfest. We went to Fruhlingsfest this weekend in Munich, which is like the Oktoberfest of spring.  You can expect the traditional Bavarian music, lederhosen, dirndls, bratwurst, massive pretzels, and drinking 1 litre beers inside a big top or outside in a beer garden.  This is the perfect way to experience the Bavarian way of life and culture, which is very similar to the Tyrolean culture of Austria. You can also travel a few hours from Kufstein and find yourself in countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. The whole of Europe is at your fingertips!

Studying at FH here in Austria is an amazing experience, especially coming from Australia, as it is so different to home. Most of the exchange students are European, Mexican or Chinese so you get to make all sorts of different friends and learn about many different cultures. If you want to discover something new, challenge yourself and travel with a purpose, come study at FH Kufstein, Austria!

Auf Wiederschauen, Tayla 

Maya at Arhus University in Denmark

Arhus University (Far left photo) and the top-left photo was taken sometime in February. Arhus does not snow much compared to other Scandinavian countries. However, it is very windy as it is close to the ocean and there is no mountain in Denmark. Now day-light-saving has occurred and getting lighter but it used to be completely dark by 5pm. Bottom-left photo shows the beautiful sky in Arhus and this was taken on the way to go home. Arhus University is large and people can get lost very easily so I always use the special app to find a classroom.

The main city has canal and it is a peaceful and beautiful place. There are many cafes around the canal so it will be perfect to have a coffee outside when the weather gets warmer.

This is one of Danish traditional food calls Smørrebrød. It is an open-sandwich and it is delicious. Danish usually eat it for the lunch but you can eat it anytime and it is very filling. People eat rye bread a lot than white bread. It is cheap and healthy but some foreigner doesn’t really like is as they think it is little sour. Liver paste is also common to eat with rye bread.

Arhus is three hours away by train from the Danish capital city, Copenhagen. One of the strong advantages for living in European counties is that you can travel easily to other European countries and flight is cheap, so it is necessary to go to the Copenhagen airport if you would love to travel around. There are also trains and buses go to Germany or Sweden. However, Denmark also has beautiful places and it is nice to walk around Copenhagen before traveling. The day I went there was not the amazing weather but Scandinavian building was wonderful and it was great that I did not need to take public transport to visit sightseeing places. I will go again when it gets warmer.

Danish people are shy and take time to get to know each other but they become very nice once they get along with you. I was lucky that my mother language is Japanese as there is bachelor of Japanese studies at Arhus University. In that way, I made many friends through teaching Japanese and also there are party calls Friday Bar once a month. Some student from each faculty organizes a big party for students and you can meet new people there. Every Tuesday night is an international night so it is also another great opportunity for meeting people from different faculty. Each international student have Danish buddy so you can always ask them if you are in the trouble or need any help. There are also organized support for international students so there are some events that organized by student house where people go for coffee or drink and housing office for your accommodations as well as international office. I am enjoying the life in Denmark and I am sure this experience will be my treasure in my life.

21 Things Only People Who Studied Abroad In Australia At The University Of The Sunshine Coast Will Understand

21 Things Only People Who Studied Abroad In Australia At The University Of The Sunshine Coast Will Understand

1. It was pretty hard to concentrate on actual class because this was basically your backyard.


2.These freakin’ birds are your enemy. They woke you up and begged for food.


3. You absolutely, 100%, went here:


4.  And totally took a picture like this:


5. And like this:


 Or this:


 6. You traveled to Whitsundays Airlie Beach to see views like this:

7. And then tried your hand at snorkeling, while hoping you didn’t see one of the millions of deadly animals Australia has.


8. Most of your time spent snorkeling was capturing photos like this:


 And like this


9. You signed up for surf school because ALL AUSTRALIANS SURF right?!


10. And probably fell 12 times for every time you stood up on the board.


 11. You bumped into these little guys on campus and took no less than 100 photos!


12. And when you went to your first barbecue, you learned that sandwich bread instead of buns is the only way to do it.

sausage in bread

13. You thought these guys were super cute until you got too close and got chased half way across campus


 14. You tried to understand cricket, but didn’t at all.


15. You didn’t ever eat Ben & Jerry’s because it cost approximately an arm AND a leg.
Ben & Jerry's

16. So you mostly stuck to the heaven that is Tim Tams.


17. You spent the majority of your Thursday nights at the Amazing Club “The Helm” A.K.A Fridays (Wharf Tavern)


18. You posed in front of the Opera House and thought about Finding Nemo.

 23.take2 sydney opera house

19. You developed a certain affinity for boxed wine because it was basically all you could afford.


20. And you even tried to develop a love for Vegemite… and failed miserably.


21. You only ever forgot to wear sunscreen once…because you never want to feel that pain again!

 Super Bad Sunburn

…And you know that studying abroad in Australia basically ruined your life because nothing else will ever compare.

Mooloolaba -  Sunshine Coast Sunset

* This concepts was based around BuzzFeed Blog by Lara Parker Posted on July 9, 2014. 

Maddi studying in Stockholm


Scrolling through the social media accounts of all my travelling buddies made me feel like I was missing out on something important. Kicking back on a tropical beach in Thailand, trekking through ancient forests in China, dog sledding in Lapland Norway etc etc. I had some serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) going on. I decided I could not wait two years until I finished my degree and that I had to go now! Conveniently, a Study Overseas advertisement caught my attention. Six moths later and a lot of paper work I am now in freezing cold, beautiful, Stockholm, Sweden.

I am now almost 2 months into my semester here and it has been a whirlwind of parties, ‘fika’ breaks (more on that later), Ikea trips and snow! The realisation has only just hit me that I will be living in this magical place for the next 6 months. Stockholm is an enchanting city that spans 14 islands and dates back to the 13th century. Although, somehow this city of almost 900,000 people manages to be quaint, cosy and very welcoming; it’s unlike any city I’ve ever been to. More importantly, yes, the people are just as good looking as you think they are! I feel as if I am getting closer to achieving my life long goal of getting a long term/long haired Swedish lover.

It has been a very busy start to my time in Stockholm. I have tried to immerse myself into every opportunity/experience/adventure that arose, resulting in a very tired but happy Maddi. So far I have been ice-skating, snow skiing, cross country skiing, frozen lake swimming (would definitely recommend), I attended a traditional Swedish dinner (Sittning) involving a lot of singing and got to see some of the local wildlife (moose and deers!). I have already met some amazing people from all corners of the world that have openly accepted my loud, obnoxious, embarrassing Australian self.

I feel very lucky that I am able to experience this beautiful part of the world and couldn’t be more grateful to the Study Overseas Program as well as the Stockholm Business School. The lessons I will learn about myself and about this crazy world will be incomparable. As much as I have enjoyed my time here and wouldn’t swap it for a night with R. Gosling I have some advice to future Study Overseas goers: Travelling is definitely one of the better things to spend your hard earned cash on although be prepared for the times when its lonely, scary and sometimes tear inducing and remember why you set foot on this crazy adventure. Okay enough of that stuff, its a sunny day in Stockholm (trust me, this is rare) and I’m going out to enjoy it!

I almost forgot about fika, which is probably my most favourite thing about Sweden. It is the act of drinking coffee and devouring a sweet treat, kanelbulle – they’re delicious, whilst enjoying the company of friends. As soon as I learnt this word I knew Sweden and I would get along just fine and that I’d probably come back 5kgs heavier.

By Maddison Campbell