Blanca from Mexico: first time in Australia

Hello, my name is Blanca, I’m from Mexico and I’m studying Psychology here in USC only for this semester. I’m actually the first student from my home university to come to USC so it has been quite a challenge for me! This is the first time I travel outside the American continent and I love it! Even though it’s been difficult to adapt to this new culture, to a different language (my first language is Spanish) and uni, I’m glad to see that everyone in here is really helpful and nice, making it easier for you. For example, O-Week was an interesting and good opportunity to get introduced to USC system in a simple and effective way. Once classes begun I realized that I’m enjoying having lectures and tutorials, which is different from home.

I live in Unicentral Accommodation which it’s great because it’s close to uni and I have everything I need in my unit, like my own room and also a laundry room. Another great thing from Unicentral is that there are a bunch of places where to meet new people, like the pool, the Pavilion or the BBQ areas. Perfect areas to relax from school and homework! Living in a student accommodation its amazing because you get to meet a lot of new people from all around the world who are in the same situation as you and who have the same interests like travelling, studying and having a good time in Australia.

So if you are planning to have an international experience, please don’t think it twice! It’s such a great experience that I promise you won’t regret or forget!

PS. Kangaroos are real, there’s definitely no photoshop on the USC brochures!

I’emari from US: new emotions

Upon my arrival, I was very nervous about what was in store. I knew that I was a person that could be very social but that was because I had become familiar with my surrounds and the people around it. This was expected, being that Mississippi was where I born and raised for my whole life. “This place would be different”, I thought in my head on the airplane. Yet, one thing that stood out in my mind was something that my mother always said about me to everyone she knew, which was, “my son never meets a stranger”. These words gave me the encouragement I needed in order to pursue a healthy, fun, and memorable semester here at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Of course when I arrived I slept the day, and maybe another, away. For the plane ride was so long and it was also my first time flying ever in my life. What an experience. As a child I always loved clouds. I can remember just sitting on my porch either making shapes out of the distorted figures, or trying to calculate when the showers would finally fall from the cumulonimbus clouds. But this was the first time I had saw the clouds from another view. These clouds were also my perspectives. For entering into a new place, the perspective on life would change in ways and strengthen in others. The University of the Sunshine Coast would be the start of a new Chapter in my life.

Now after a month living here, I had finally felt a feeling that I had only heard of but never experienced. This was feeling that that comes from an experience that a person has to go through in order to really understand. A feeling that makes you feels so sad that you don’t just want to cry, but you actually do. This feeling that I felt was call “Home Sick”. I went to the library to read a book from one of my classes and I was not sure was it the sad book that really pushed the compressed emotions out, but all of a sudden I thought about my Fraternity brothers, family, and friends, and within a twinkling of an eye, I began to cry. I was in a corner and was actually glad because I did not want to draw attention to myself. I closed the book quickly turned on my laptop in order to log onto Facebook so that I could look at some pictures from home. Just as soon as I click on the first picture, I received a message from one of my friends that I had met here at the university that was from Germany. I replied back but did not let on that I was sad. Before I knew it, he found out and began telling me how he felt the same way but that it was a feeling that would pass. It was a feeling that all internationals felt because we all missed our family and friends. Then he went on to say something that really stuck with me and that I hold dear to my heart. He said that he felt that with this being our first experience here and the bond that we all made with each other that he felt that some strange way, we would develop a family among ourselves. Not just Americans or Germans but everyone.

And at that moment, I knew that it wasn’t just the plans for the future, but it was taking place right then in the present. USC had begun making a place in my heart and with intentions of not renting, but staying. And I was happy to have a new Tenant.

Anna from the University of Eastern Finland: Souvenir shopping

Eumundi Markets

One Saturday we decided to do some souvenir shopping with a group of friends. First we drove to Aussie World and did some shopping there. The picture below is from Ettamogah Pub which is in the Aussie World. I was told that it is a really famous pub.

After Aussie World we went to Eumundi markets. I had no idea that the market area is so big, there was really a lot to see and it was a perfect place to buy souvenirs. We had difficulties in choosing what to eat since there were so many options. Finally, I chose a tapas plate which was quite good. The markets were definitely worth to visit!

I’emari from US: studying at USC

As each day passes I see myself growing in more ways that I never expected. This Sunday Night, I was so overwhelmed that I had to go for a walk. I was not overwhelmed due to stress but because I was so happy to be here. The staff members in each department that I have met, has always been very nice and helpful! It truly reminds me of home, but just with different people. I am learning more and more every day that the people that I am talking to on regular bases here will probably be friends that I hope to have for a lifetime.  The lessons that I learn each day about other cultures are priceless because I am not learning about them from a text book, but by personal interaction. And speaking of text books, in my class I am learning So much about Indigenous people which is mind blowing and very interesting! I love the way that classes are set up in which there is a Lecture and a Tutorial. This in my opinion is amazing. In my opinion, this school is designed to Help you with your studies as well as to teach you, and not just about “Book Smarts” but about life.

Kanako from Japan: Sunday lunch

Hello, my name is Kanako Endo. I’m from Japan. I came to USC as an exchange student. I’ve been here for over 3 months and been living at Varsity Apartments. I’m studying English here and I’m staying here until December.

I have a good time at Varsity with my friends. I spend much time talking with them and sometimes we hang out and cook together. I have many friends from different countries. It is a new experience for me because we do not have this variety in Japan. I feel really excited!

Everybody cooked food and shared them with each other. These are my friends, and they are from Finland, Brazil and Japan and Korea. The Korean girl is not in this picture because she took the photo. We had sandwiches, salad, Korean sushi which is called KINPA and cheese cake with Japanese green tea and cappuccino. During lunch, we talked a lot, for example about sports, cooking, fashion and studies. We had a great time!

I think these moments are precious and I will never forget them. Studying at the desk is important and necessary for university students. However, spending time with friends and having a chat are also important and make our lives richer.

Sarah from Germany: Double degree in Business

Hi my name is Sarah. When I looked for a suitable university in Australia I found that USC had the most friendly and supportive international office staff. This support and the great comments I heard from former USC students has convinced me to come to the University of the Sunshine Coast and complete my top up/double degree in Business here. Now I am here on campus and have no regret. The campus and the region is great and I met so many friendly people very quickly. I can only recommend USC!!!

Martin from Switzerland: first weeks in Australia

Hi all there!

My name is Martin. I am Swiss and studying Business here at the USC. My home university is the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. I’ll stay for one year here at the Sunshine Coast.

I have been in Australia just for three weeks, but these weeks were amazing. I really liked the O-Week. Because during the O-Week I met a lot of new people and there was a party every night somewhere… And I also went on a trip to the Kondallila Falls and the Glass House Mountains.

The most time of my leisure time I spend with my friends, having a BBQ or another meal together, going to the beach or just enjoy the nice weather. But at the moment I spend also plenty of time to find a used car. This is actually not that easy as it sounds. You have to be aware of a certain of things (RWC, Insurance, and and and)… But hopefully I will find one in the next few weeks!!

For the next weekend is an international food party planed. That means, everyone has to bring a specialty from his home country. I am sure this is going to be a lot of fun. Anyway, I will let you know how it was. CU

Anna from the University of Eastern Finland: Living at Varsity

Image result for varsity apartments
Varsity Apartments

I live at Varsity Apartments close to the campus. I was positively surprised when I first arrived there. I had a few doubts about student accommodation and living in a shared Apartment complex, which I hadn’t experienced before, but the apartments are nice and I especially like that I have my own room and bathroom. I feel welcome by my new flatmates who are all Australians. They are really helpful when I have any problems.

Now I have been living at Varsity for two months and I have made some really good friends there. Sometimes we cook together at some of our apartments, walk to Chancellor Park to do some grocery shopping, spend an evening talking and having some good wine or go to the gym to do some exercise. It is a great place to meet new people. Of course there are a few downsides as well; for example it can be a bit noisy sometimes (Thursday parties!). Even though I am not so much into parties, it hasn’t been a problem for me.

Overall I am happy I chose to live in a student accommodation. Otherwise I wouldn’t have met some of the amazing people from all over the world.

Carol-Anne from IUT France: My trip to Sydney

Post 2 Carol-Anne.JPGHey everyone!

My name is Carol-Anne. I’m a French 23 year old student undertaking a Master in Communication. I’ve been in Australia for 7 months now and I just started my second semester here.

I’ve been living in an ocean front unit in Alexandra Headland which has been pretty nice and it is going to be hard to leave afterwards!

During my first semester, I had a bit of time to travel in Australia. I decided to go to Sydney because the flights were so cheap. The city was really nice and hectic! I got to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. My friends and I ate at the Fish Market and shopped at the Queen Victoria Building. We spent a weekend in Sydney, and it was great because it really changes from the Sunshine Coast. However, at the end of the day, nothing is better than an ocean front unit where you can hear the waves crash at night.

During this semester, I plan on going to New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. I should be going there during the semester break in September. Hopefully, it won’t be too cold as it will only be the beginning of spring over there.

Being in Australia, on the Sunshine Coast is such an amazing experience and I will never forget it, and trust me, you won’t either!

Cheers, Carol-Anne

I’emari Grace from the US: first impressions

My name is I’emari Grace. I am from a small town called Eupora MS. I am very in touch with my southern roots and enjoy the life of being a Southerner. It was very different coming to USC in Australia.  Being from a small town, I was not exposed to a variety of other cultures and ethnicities. When I first arrived I thought that it would be difficult making friends and understanding others accents. I was hit with a big surprise when I arrived when I was the one that had the heavy accent. This was actually funny. I also made friends really fast. Everyone was very sociable and did not treat me differently because of my race. For I learned for the first time, that I am not my color but my culture and ethnic background. Growing up in a small town in Mississippi this was different because I only saw black and white. I have become more open minded and I am really enjoying the experience. This is something that I will never forget.

Anna from the University of Eastern Finland: Australian experiences


Hi, my name is Anna. I’m from the University of Eastern Finland and came to the Sunshine Coast and USC to get new experiences. This is the first time in Australia for me (and outside Europe) so I was really excited to come here. Let me show you some of the best moments so far.


Zoo: A day at the Australia Zoo was fun. I went there with a group of new friends. We saw koalas, crocodiles, elephants, different birds, fed kangaroos… There was a lot to see and it took us the whole day to see everything. One of the cutest animals I saw was this wombat in the picture.

Surfing: A few weeks ago I went to a surf camp to learn to surf (Mojosurf). It was a fun weekend. The first day was a little too cold and I was freezing on the surfboard but in the next couple days the weather was warmer. Water was quite warm actually, at least compared with Finland. I learned how to catch waves (mainly the smaller ones).

Beaches: I love to walk on the beach. Beaches at the Sunshine Coast are really beautiful. If I stayed here longer, I would live at the Mooloolaba. I must also say that the weather here in the winter time is perfect for me; it’s not too hot or too cold. And it’s been sunny for most of the time.

Kangaroos: And last but not least, I like the kangaroos here at the campus. Many times a week when I walk to Uni or back home to Varsity, I see them. They are so cute.

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