Melanie Dammerer from the University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication Vienna studying a Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) at USC Sunshine Coast

Three tips for international students studying at USC

My name is Melanie Dammerer and I am from Austria. As part of my educational career, I always wanted to study abroad in the setting of a different lifestyle. Due to the weather, the high academic reputation of the institutions across the country and the social life, Australia has become a popular destination for international students.

As the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Queensland, Australia, is a partner university of my hometown university FHWien der WKW in Vienna, Austria, I decided to enrol in a Double Degree Program. This enables me to graduate with two bachelor degrees in the field of professional communication.

After two semesters of studying at USC on campus as well as online, I have figured out three key things you should always keep in mind.

            Stay connected

Australia is a multicultural country with people from diverse backgrounds. Australian people are very warm and welcoming. The diversity has enabled them to be tolerant of other people’s views. For a student from overseas, it is the perfect environment for learning as you get to meet students from different cultures, which can show you new perspectives.

As mentioned above, Australia is multicultural, so try and keep an open mind, because you will experience new things. Also, as you are coming into a new environment, there is a chance that you will feel homesick. To deal with that, consider your new friends as a family or see a counsellor of the university.

I recommend attending the orientation weeks at university which always take place one week before classes commence. USC provides a range of activities to get to know the campus. They are ideal to connect with Australian domestics as well as with international students.

            Stay curious

Studying in Australia is about learning as well as about exploration. The Sunshine Coast has many tourist attractions to offer and places you can visit. There are museums, restaurants, parks, gardens and beaches.

I recommend visiting Australia Zoo which is famous for Steve Irwin, “The Crocodile Hunter”. Kondalilla National Park with its walking trail past rock pools down to one of the most spectacular falls on the Sunshine Coast and Noosa are both worth visiting.

If you like to go for a swim, the beaches around Mooloolaba are one of the best beach spots in Australia besides my favourite one: Rainbow Beach.

All of them have clear blue waters and golden sands, which is ideal for either a stroll or surfing. Also, you can access Rainbow Beach with a 4WD and drive on the sand.


            Stay focused

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic 2020, USC adapted teaching to continue online. When the Austrian government asked citizens to return home, I didn’t know what to do. My friend asked me what was the main reason for me to come to Australia. As I had planned to go abroad for a whole year, I decided to stay and finish my studies in Australia.

So, if there is one thing I want you to know after reading this text, always remember what you want to achieve and stick to that. Studying abroad will not always be easy and you may experience unforeseen difficulties. Either way, you have to deal with those, so start integrating a healthy lifestyle with your study duties and leisure activities as soon as you are settled in.

Like in many other countries, you have to be prepared in terms of housing as well as health care. They can be a bit expensive. However, if you are planning your stay carefully, you will get the most out of it.


Besides the high expenses and the far distance from home, you will enjoy studying in Australia as you broaden your horizon and make new friends from all over the world. If you have any questions or you are just happy to chat about personal experiences, add me on Instagram (@melanie_dammerer) or message me on Facebook.

Paul Martetschläger from Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences studying a Diploma in General Studies at USC Sunshine Coast

buddina-1.jpgMy name is Paul and I am studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. For my semester abroad, I wanted to see something completely different from home, so I decided to study abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). My university has a cooperation with USC, so it was easy to get useful information and how the registration process works.

After receiving my confirmation, I started to plan my journey along with two of my colleagues. We travelled several hours to Brisbane and it was totally worth it. My colleagues and I decided to rent a small apartment in Buddina next to the beach. During the first month, we used public transport to get to the university, but afterwards we decided to buy a car, especially a 4WD in order to explore the beautiful Sunshine Coast. When I first arrived at the USC campus, I immediately fell in love with all the animals. Every day, there are kangaroos jumping around or just chilling in the sun.

As travelling is one of my biggest passions, I thought I would share a few tips for weekend trips you could do while studying at the USC, especially if you have a 4WD.


1. Double island point – Rainbow beach

One of my favourite places is the double island point. At the small lighthouse, you’ll get a wonderful view to Rainbow Beach. It is also a great surfing spot there, but you can only reach it with a 4WD. It is a great trip for a weekend, just grab your buddies and you will have an awesome time there.

2. Byron Bay

Another beautiful place in Australia is Byron bay. It has an awesome flair to it which is typical for Australia. All the people there are so kind, and if you decide to travel to Byron Bay, you definitely have to visit the lighthouse which is the most easterly point in Australia.

3. Seventeen Seventy Springs Beach

We drove by Seventeen Seventy on our road trip to Whitsundays. A local told us we should definitely stop there and showed us a beautiful surf spot called Springs Beach. We had a wonderful time there.

Hope this gave you some help and you will have a great time while studying at USC Sunshine Coast. For more pictures or some questions, check out my Instagram @paul_martetschlaeger

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Teresa Fuchs from the University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication Vienna studying a Diploma in Business at USC Sunshine Coast

IMG_8458Hi there! My name is Teresa, I’m 22 years old and I am from Italy. Back home I am studying Management & Entrepreneurship at the FH Wien der WKW in Vienna. Here at USC Sunshine Coast, I did a Diploma in Business for one semester.

For years I’ve dreamed about travelling to Australia, and when the opportunity came to study down under, I knew I have to seize this chance.

It’s no surprise that Australia has become one of the most popular study abroad destinations for European students. If you’re looking for a culturally diverse society, fantastic weather and spectacular landscapes, Australia might be the best place.

Suddenly after an amazing semester, my final couple of weeks in the Sunshine Coast were approaching and it was time to make the most of the limited time I had left. The last weeks were filled with sharing farewells and funny trips, making plans for traveling and for my return to Italy. But let’s start from the beginning…

After 20 hours on a plane, I had finally arrived in Sippy Downs, Australia – my new home for the next six months. Overwhelming, but I wasn’t having a mental breakdown, so I was off for a good start. Living in the student accommodation Varsity, I learned a lot about Australian culture as well as a lot about Scandinavians and other international cultures due to my social circle and the people I surrounded myself with.

During this semester, I visited some of the most magical beaches, learned how to catch a wave, drove 3,500 km along the east coast, explored new cities, food, the wildlife, and I’ve had some crazy nights. The Sunshine Coast was the perfect spot for living the real Aussie lifestyle and USC therefore the best option to get educated. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Attend interesting lectures and workshops on the beautiful campus

2. Explore some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Within only a 15-minutes ride by bus or car, you can find numerous beaches where you can learn to surf, play beach volleyball or just retreat your hangover.

3. Gain an understanding of diverse cultures

Australia is home to an indigenous population with a rich history that stretches back more than 50,000 years. Through all the events like the markets on the campus, you’ll have ample opportunities to learn about their history and explore the traditional dance performances.

4. See plants and animals that can only be found in Australia

Imagine, walking to a lecture and see kangaroos hopping around. I will miss this walk so bad when I’m back home in Vienna.

IMG_73445. Meet friendly, welcoming people

With these gorgeous beaches and phenomenal weather, it’s no wonder that the locals are easygoing and friendly!

While briefly reflecting my time here, during preparations for my next adventure, it is incredible to think of all the amazing people I’ve met, the new experiences I had, and everything I have learned.  During these 5 months I’ve had the time to foster some amazing connections, and with all of us leaving so soon I will sincerely miss the people I’ve met. However, this is not goodbye, but a see you soon.

A truly unforgettable experience, and memories that will last a lifetime!

– Cheers, Teresa Fuchs : )

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Martin Stadlmayer from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria studying a Diploma in General Studies at USC Sunshine Coast

1Hello, my name is Martin and I’m from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. I’m studying Mechanical Engineering and I will complete my bachelor next year. Why I choose Australia? Because it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We are three mates form Austria who decided to study on the University of Sunshine Coast (USC). Studying at USC is a one in a lifetime opportunity. The moment when I arrived in Australia, I felt in love with it.

Locals and Living

3The Australian people are one of the nicest and helpful people I know. Everyone wants to talk to you, we have received a lot of good advice from local people. We rented a house near the beach directly on the Mooloolaba canal, so we spent a lot of time fishing there. The location was perfect because we had just 5 mins to walk to the beach, so we had the opportunity to surf a lot. With the car we only need 10-15 mins to drive to the university.

4WD in the Glasshouse Mountains

2The Glasshouse Mountains is a perfect spot to hike, and get your 4WD stuck on the off-road tracks… First few days after we got our car, we tried the easiest off-road track. Three naive European guys who think they can handle this…. but glasshouse mountain showed us we can’t. We got stuck late in the afternoon in the middle of nowhere without a mobile phone reception and without water. Also, we had no recovery gear to get us out of the hole by ourselves. After a long time, a nice dude passed us with his motocross. He offered us his help, so he went back and got his truck to pull us out with the winch.

Double Island

4Double Island is a beautiful destination to surf and camp. You have the chance to camp directly on the beach and enjoy the sunrise from your tent. In my opinion, there is nothing better than waking up to a sunrise on the beach. There are also dolphins and whales, sometimes they swim near the beach so it’s easy to see them. There is a beautiful lighthouse on the Double Island Point from there you have an amazing view to rainbow beach and Noosa north shore.

– Martin Stadlmayer @stadii

Philipp Danninger from Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences studying a Diploma in General Studies at USC Sunshine Coast

My name is Philipp, and I am studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Science Upper Austria. Together with two colleagues from Austria, we decided to study abroad for one semester in Australia. Our university has an agreement with USC Sunshine Coast, so it was easy to get useful information and understand how the enrolment process worked.

Our journey began in Austria, flying several hours across the world, but it was worth it. When we arrived, we quickly got new friends who were kind enough to show us many the many beautiful places around the Sunshine Coast and provided us with some useful tips.

My colleagues and I decided to rent a small flat in Buddina, next to the beach. We spent a lot time at the beach and especially in the water in order to learn how to surf.

During our first month in Australia, we used the bus to get to the university. Later on, we got our own car which enabled us to travel a lot on our own. Because our car is a 4WD, we drove a lot on the beach which was so exiting. Getting our own car was one of the best decisions we made.

As travelling is one of my biggest passions, I thought I would share a few tips for weekend trips you could do whilst studying at USC Sunshine Coast.

Rainbow beach (Inskip point)

Rainbow beach is such a great place to spend the day and camp at the night. Just bring a tent or sleep in the car, and enjoy the beautiful beach. Remember to pay for your camp site here.

Byron Bay

One of my favourite places in Australia is Byron Bay. It takes approximately 3 hours by car to get there from USC. You can do the walk up to the lighthouse, which is the most easterly point of Australia.

Australia Zoo

Visiting Australian Zoo is worth it. To get a discount, you could use the WOW card. The zoo is huge and there are some live shows where alligators and tigers get fed.

– Philipp Danninger





Rebecca Alda from the University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication Vienna studying at USC Sunshine Coast

fraser-island_3.jpgHi, my name is Rebecca and I am from Vienna in Austria. Back home, I am studying corporate communication at FH Wien der WKW, but I needed a change of scenery and decided to do a study abroad year here at USC Sunshine Coast which allows me to do a double degree. Here at USC I am studying Professional Communications for two semesters.

So far it has been amazing .. but see for yourself:


This is where I first learned to surf as well as watching some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sunsets I’ve ever experienced. Fortunately, Mooloolaba is not far away which makes it easier to take a day off, just relax and enjoy life.

Fraser Island_2Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world. If you are on the hunt for great scenery, Fraser Island is the perfect place. We have seen dingos (wild dogs) running around freely on the beach and we were able to spot sharks and dolphins.


Milla Milla FallsMy friends and I did a 12-day road trip all the way up to Cairns. It does not only offers plenty of beautiful waterfalls like the Milla Milla Falls or the Josephine Waterfalls, but it also allows you to experience the Daintree Rainforest (Cairns rainforest game is on point). I have to admit, the Daintree rainforest in Tropical North Queensland Australia is one of the most diverse and beautiful examples of Mother Natures work in the world. This unique rainforest is home to the most extensive range of rare plants and animals on earth, and are all found Kangarooin the largest chunk of protected tropical rainforest in Australia.

So, if you are thinking of studying a semester abroad or even a year just like me, do it! It is an amazing experience and you have the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and also learn so much more about yourself.

At first, I was truly scared to be so far away from my family and friends for such a long time, but after a couple of days I already made new friends. Not only is everyone here at USC willing to help make your experience as amazing as possible, but they are also keen on making your stay as comfortable as possible.

Do not be afraid of taking this step, and have a look at the bright side: there are kangaroos on the campus which makes experiencing the Australian culture even better.

– Rebecca Alda


International Ceremony of Completion – Semester 2, 2019

On Monday, USC International held the Ceremony of Completion for Semester 2 2019 for  our international students. This ceremony was is held for our international students every semester for those who have completed an award program here at USC Sunshine Coast. Check out some photos from this special day!


IMG_5186IMG_5252IMG_5527IMG_5333IMG_5349 2IMG_5348IMG_5366IMG_5462IMG_5316IMG_5482IMG_5477IMG_5470 2IMG_5535IMG_5532


8 Places To Watch The Sunset On The Sunshine Coast 🌅

Are you tired of just watching the sunset from your balcony? We have gathered the best sunset spots on the Sunshine Coast for you and your friends to check out!

ngungun1. Mount Ngungun, Glass House Mountains

Mount Ngungun, located in the Glass House Mountain National Park, is the sixth tallest of the mountains at 253 m. It has a well maintained walking trail to the summit and offers spectacular views. The trail from car park is not as steep as the higher mountains and is open to beginners, making it a great mountain for you and your friends to spend the arvo!

2. Mount Coolum

Photo: SunshineCoast Council

Climbing to the top of this 25 million year old laccolith (a mass of igneous rock) is a must-do when studying on the Sunshine Coast, not to mention the views from the top which provides spectacular views at sunrises and sunsets. 20 minutes away from the USC, Mount Coolum lies between the Sunshine motorway to the west, the shoreline to the east, Coolum Beach to the north and Marcoola in the south.

3. Emu Mountain (aka. Mt Peregian)

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset
Photo: Malin Gregor

Emu Mountain got it’s name from the local Aboriginal word Peregian and is an easy and approx 10 min walk to the top. Emu Mountain offers a quiet place for you and your friends to sit down and enjoy the sunset. You can park your car and start the walk from Havana Road (next to Coolum High School), and make sure to check out the Queensland Parks and Wildlife information board.

4. Mooloolaba Beach

USC International - Brand Ambassador event 2 (61 of 65)
Photo: Kristoffer Wahome

And of course, Mooloolaba Beach is one of the easy-accessible spots where you can easily watch the sunset from. If you go down to the beach just across from the Fisheries on the Spit, you’ll be able to see one of the best sunsets and maybe even enjoy an afternoon swim.

5. Noosa River

Photo: Instagram @Jbath7

Maybe watching the sunset from Noosa River haven’t crossed your mind yet, but this place is definitely worth checking out! With just a 40 minute drive from the University, the river is also known for its populations of migratory birdlife, so you’ll never be alone while watching the sun set in the horizon.

6. Moffat Headland, Caloundra

Photo: Instagram @amandalovejoy4551

With its vibrant little strip of alfresco cafes and restaurants full of chatty locals, classy accommodation and a famous surf break, Moffat Beach has its own unique character that sets it apart from other areas of Caloundra (VisitSunshineCoast). Being a spot known for good waves, this might be the place for you to watch the sun set whilst enjoying a good arvo surf. Can you think of anything better?!

7. Alex Hill, Alexandra Headland

Photo: Instagram @mysunshinecoast

We must not forget Alex Hill (or wall) as we might call it! Located right in front of the prime surf spot in Alexandra Headland, this is the spot if you want to enjoy a sunset with your friends, without having to plan too much or drive too far. You might even decide to go for a surf and watch the sunset from the water!

8. Gerrards Lookout, Maleny-Montville

feThis spectacular lookout located on the Maleny-Montville road has become one of our favourite. This lookout gives you an amazing (almost 360) view where you can either watch the sunrise in the morning, or sunset at night. If you don’t mind the drive and may plan to visit Montville or Maleny, we definitely recommend a stop at this beautiful spot!

Ksenia and Alina from FH Upper Austria studying at USC Sunshine Coast

Hi everyone!

We are Ksenia and Alina and are studying in a master’s program at the University of Applied Sciences in Steyr, Upper Austria. We have just completed our second semester at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Our time in Australia was amazing! It was a life-changing experience. During these several months we dived deeply into the ‘laid back’ Aussie culture with its active lifestyle and sincere and open-minded people. This is all framed by the most beautiful nature, wildlife and a never-ending summer.

We really enjoyed studying at USC. The workload was manageable and the easy access to study materials, the online library and the supportive academic environment made the process really enjoyable. During this semester we improved our English writing skills greatly since we had several assignments for each subject. We loved the big campus with lots of cafes, spots to study or relax and the sport facilities. Also, you will always be entertained by the many cute and furry Aussie friends, like kangaroos!

Our first trip was to an Ed Sheeran concert in Melbourne. We loved the vibe and the city which looked like a smaller version of Manhattan. The city offers lots of parks, great places to eat, cafes and secret bars. One evening we went to the St Kilda Pier where after the sunset you can see small penguins returning home.

Another trip that we would never forget was to Whitsundays during the Easter break. As we did not check the weather during this season we encountered a cyclone there. We had booked a 2-day trip and only several boats including ours did not cancel it. So, what we experienced was a bit different from what you see in the pictures. It was raining the whole time and on the second day our snorkelling trip was cancelled as all the boats had to return to the coast because of the oncoming cyclone. But nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and even though the weather was not exactly how we imagined, it still was an amazing trip.

Byron Bay is another ‘must see’ place. It is a place with small cosy cafes, street musicians and beautiful beaches. The walk to the lighthouse and the most Eastern part of Australia was breathtaking, we stopped almost every five minutes to take pictures of everything and were lucky to see dolphins on our way.

We can write and write about all the amazing places to go to in Australia, but it is much better just to come here and see everything with your own eyes. And we are sure everyone would fall in love with this country!

After these several months the hardest part for us was to go back and leave our new friends, life next to the ocean and Sunshine Coast behind. But as our friend said in Australia it’s never a ‘goodbye’ it is always a ‘see you soon’!

Marie Groeller, Matthias Eisner & Simon Salzer from the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna studying at USC Sunshine Coast

After successfully finishing our first year of studying in a Bachelor program in business at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna, we decided to go on an adventure. Our goal was not only to make new memories, friends and experiences on the other side of the world but also to receive the best possible education. Therefore the University of the Sunshine Coast was considered as the perfect option to get us out of our comfort zone.

USC offers a variety of courses for business students with an ideal ratio of practical and theoretical relevance. For instance, being given the opportunity to work with a local start-up on the Sunshine Coast offered us both an insight in a company’s early days but also the perfect chance to establish contacts with business owners in Australia.

Besides the great education provided by the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia has a lot more to offer. During our mid-semester break and after finishing our studies, we had plenty of time to discover the land down under. Thus, we travelled all over Australia, from Western Australia to Sydney, Melbourne including the Great Ocean Road and of course the East Coast. Because of the amazing location of USC, we did countless weekend trips either to Noosa, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane or Fraser Island just to name a few.

To sum up, the time spent at USC allowed for us to broaden our understanding of different cultures and form new friendships all over the world. On top of the lucrative education being offered, USC provides an opportunity for students to study, experience and socialise unique to any other.


Michelle Reinhardt from Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences studying a Diploma in General Studies at USC Sunshine Coast

Hi everyone,

My name is Michelle I am a student from Austria. I was lucky enough to spend one semester at USC to do my semester abroad. USC is a partner University from FH Steyr, where I study back home in Austria.

I have chosen USC as it has an excellent reputation and offered every course I needed to fulfil the requirements needed for my semester abroad. Furthermore, it is located at the beautiful Sunshine Coast, as I love to surf the location and the University itself were a perfect match for me. I decided to rent a house close to the beach with a friend of mine in a little town near USC, which is called Alexandra Headlands. This was the best decision ever, as I spent every free minute at the beach.

I had an amazing time here in Australia and wish everyone who decides to study at USC the same!

Cheers, Michelle.

Karen Pickering studying overseas at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein in Austria

Guten tag from Austria!

My name is Karen, I’m a mature age student on exchange here in Kufstein; what a wonderful and unique place this is!  The university is in the centre of this small historic town and the student residence is only 15 minutes’ walk along the picturesque riverside boardwalk and shopping for food and other essentials are right next door.  Not having access to a car has proved no challenge at all.  Everything is in walking distance, there is free transport to ski resorts and the local railway station connects directly to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria’s major cities.

Classes are scheduled so that subjects are finalised quickly, freeing up days in the week to explore the local area, ski and even travel to another country.  So far, I’ve travelled throughout Austria on the local trains and managed to snap up a cheap (less than 20€) ticket to the Czech Republic for a 3-day stint exploring Prague.  I travelled to Scotland via Munich over Christmas and last month, I caught a train to Italy for a 5-day jaunt directly from our local station.  Other international students have also travelled to Budapest and Vienna for the Christmas markets and many have taken side-trips into Switzerland, which is easy to do.

I flew directly to Germany from Australia arriving in early September and spent time travelling south, exploring the country before commencing classes in Austria.  Arriving in September meant that I witnessed the changing colours of Autumn which were fantastic and of course now I’m enjoying the snow!  Kufstein is nestled in the Austrian Tyrol in central Bavaria, surrounded by mountains and fir tree covered slopes; the views are simply breathtaking. Exploring the area is easy, there are many walking trails to the numerous lakes and a chairlift that whisks you to the top of the alps where you can enjoy numerous hikes then partake of a lovely meal or cold beer.

A truly special place with genuinely friendly people!

Andreas Gamperling, Kristina Fuchssteiner, Jasmin Schiefer & Victoria Walter from Austria studying at USC

Best time of our lives!

We are 4 Austrian Tourism Management students, who studied a Double Degree Master Program in Management at the USC for one semester. We chose to live close to the beach in a house in Mooloolaba, which we booked via Airbnb, because we considered the on-campus student accommodation not the best value for money. We were very happy with our decision as we had everything close: the beach, surf clubs, shops, bars, restaurants and supermarkets, but also the bus station, which took us to uni within 20 minutes. As we purchased a car, it only took us about 10-15 minutes to get there and we could enjoy easy parking at university during our classes.

We enjoyed our time at the uni campus, because it is a very natural place with a lot of greens, palm trees, birds and lovely free-ranging kangaroos. Moreover, its cafés, lounges, the Brasserie as well as the Library etc. offers you lots of opportunities to study in a modern and relaxing surrounding.

The 4 courses we took were “Managing People”, “Economics for Managers”, “Managerial Project” and “Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics”, which all were lectures consisting of a 3-part assessment with presentations, assignments, and online tests. What we found quite useful at the beginning of our semester were the so-called optional drop-in sessions for academic skills, where you could have your reports or essays checked for English or citing mistakes.

During our spare time, we went on some trips exploring the beautiful areas around Mooloolaba and for example visited Noosa Heads, Brisbane, Surfer’s Paradise, Mount Coolum and many of the amazing beaches of the Sunshine Coast. We took surf lessons, played volleyball at the beach and made new friends at student’s home parties, the Helm club or university events.

This semester abroad will definitely be something we will never forget!

So make great memories as well and spend some time at the University of the Sunshine Coast! J

Andi, Jasmin, Kristina, Vicky



Alba Harkam Rodriguez from Spain studying abroad at USC Sunshine Coast

Hi everyone!

I spent one semester at USC and it felt like a few weeks! The education system here is completely different to the system in my country (Spain). Basically, all my subjects here were divided in three tasks, from exams to reports. That system makes goals more attainable. Most of the lecturers and the staff here support you with any problem or question that you have during all your stay.

One of the things at USC that surprised me the most is that there are kangaroos every day around the campus, they are used to being here and are not scared of the students. I was so happy to see them every week!

I was living in Australia before I started Uni because I did not have an English Certificate, so I had to obtain it to be able to enter Uni. For this reason, I was living in an apartment with friends from around the world that I already had before Uni started. It was such a great time, learning new things and meeting new people every day!

The Sunshine Coast is an amazing place to live, surrounded by many beautiful locations and beaches. It has a small airport that is super convenient for flying to the main cities in Australia. Noosa is only half an hour driving, which is an astonishing place to visit and live. Also, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay are places perfectly accessible by car or bus (better always by car). There is so much to see and do around this place! In general, Australia has plenty of breathtaking landscapes, such as Fraser Island, Whitsundays or Uluru, it is a country not to be missed!

Live and study in the Sunshine Coast is undoubtedly one of the best experiences in my life. I can continue writing non-stop to explain how amazing this place is, but I prefer to say to you: come and see it with your own eyes and experience it on your own.

See ya mate!


Anna Studying Overseas in Austria

I am half way through my study overseas semester at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein and so far, it has been epic.

When I got here, everything was covered in the thick layer of snow. Before university started, I worked for 2 months as ski instructor at the ski resort is 20 minutes from the university. At the start, I had to wear 5 jumpers and a thick jacket so I wouldn’t freeze, but I slowly got use to the weather. Living in the mountains is amazing. Now the snow is slowly disappearing and I spent most of my free days hiking. Last weekend, I went rock climbing with some locals in the Alps. It was an awesome adventure. We got a little lost on the way up and had to walk through lots of snow but eventually we did find the crag and spent the rest of the day climbing surrounded by an amazing view.

We are here with around 100 exchange students from all over the world. It is great hanging out with people from all different cultures. The university itself is quite small, just like the city Kufstein. Everything is in walking distance and you often run into somebody you know. The people I have met so far are all very friendly, including all the staff at the university. Studying here is quite different compared to USC, since you have a different schedule with different classes every week. Some weeks you are busy and other weeks you have time to travel around.

The university offers a sports program. You can do things from self-defence to mountain biking. I spent my Wednesday nights at the indoor rock climbing gym with a group of local students. Besides sport activities, they organise other things as well. For example, last week I learned how to bake Apfelstrüdel and Knödel. Austrian food is quite delicious.

Austria is in the middle of Europe, so it’s perfect for trips to Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. I have been on some weekends trips to Switzerland and Slovenia and did a longer road trip through Italy. I have been travelling around with friends I have met here but also visited lots of friends who I met in Australia when they were there on their exchange semester. It’s so cool catching up with people in the other side of the world and get to see where they live.

I have only 2 months left. Time has gone so fast and before I know I’ll be in the airplane back to the Sunshine Coast. But before it’s over, there will be many more epic and unforgettable adventures.


Campbell Studying Overseas in Vienna, Austria


I have always had a strong desire to travel, although like many students this dream can seem almost unrealistic. That was before I looked in the USC Study Exchange Program. With a desire to adventure and an eagerness to challenge myself I decided to jump into the unknown.

That’s basically how I’ve ended where I am now, half way round the world in a country I had never been, surrounded by people speaking a language I did not know, two months into my exchange semester at Vienna’s FH Wien University of Applied Sciences and Communication in Austria. So where do I begin with explaining how my semester has been so far? Picking a starting point is almost impossible, so much has happened so quickly it’s difficult for me to fathom but getting off the plane seems as good as any.

After 24 hours of flying I was tired, jet lagged, and out of my depth to say the least, realizing very quickly that the three words I knew in German were certainly not going to be enough.  However being greeted by 30 degree beautiful summer days, it felt very familiar. (An almost unbelievable contrast to the freezing cold 2/3 degree days I am experiencing now that winter is coming).

The first day of university has been one of the greatest highlights of the trip, instantly hitting it off with 83 other exchange students from all over the world was incredible. The next two weeks our group did almost everything together, exploring the city, swimming in the Danube (the river that runs through the city of Vienna), experiencing the amazing nightlife, the best bars and clubs Vienna has on offer, as well as even travelling to multiple countries for a weekend away.

Life here has not been without its challenges; the language barrier was a little difficult to begin with, as well as not being able to read anything in the grocery store! Though now, thanks to some German language lessons I manage to get around quite easy. And these things are insignificant compared to the amount of fun you can get up to, from ski trips, to rope climbing, incredibly wild nights out, hostel rooms full of students, breathtaking views, brilliant food and the best damn tap water I have ever drank.

I would encourage anyone considering applying to Study Overseas opportunity through USC to take the plunge and get out there! The team at USC International are more than helpful and will ensure you are ready when it comes to your adventure! I am only two months in out of the five I have in total and I really can’t even begin to considering coming home! This experience has broadened my horizons, given me a fantastic outlook on like and allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of coming across!