Jesse Weippert from DHBW Mosbach studying a Diploma in Business at USC Sunshine Coast

a9862114-a0fe-4fe9-b9ab-e07947b2a827Cheers mates,

My name is Jesse Weippert, I am from Germany and I was studying a Diploma in Business at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) for one semester. Probably not the best time to come over to Australia due to COVID-19, nevertheless it was a great experience studying overseas and an enjoyable lock-down as well.

Back in Germany I am studying a dual system, which includes an iteration of studying three months and working three months. Within three years, I will finish my degree and will have a high chance of retaining at the company I am currently working for. Part of this dual system is a semester abroad, which was supported from my company. The decision-making process of applying at USC was easy, since Australia has always attracted me very much and I wanted to improve my English. The application process was easy doing as well. The biggest hurdle was the payment of the semester fees, which, however, were financially supported by my company and for which I received a discount from my university. So, I only had to fill out the application form, show my academic transcript and show my English B2 level. By completing these forms, I got a lot of support from my home university and USC. The last step was then to select my courses for the semester. In order to complete a diploma, four courses are required, which I have arranged in consultation with my course director at my home university. However, I have to note here that I would have had to take more courses during my regular semester at home, so I have to retake exams after my semester abroad.

img_7698I arrived in Australia end of January prior to governments restrictions. I started doing a road trip at the west coast of Australia for four weeks, which I can highly recommend. After my road trip I headed to the Sunshine Coast to start the semester. At the beginning of the semester I had many plans to use my long weekends every week, and I wanted to see as much of Australia as possible. Due to my choice of courses I had no lectures from Friday to Monday evening, which would have been perfect for weekend trips. So, the first weeks before the lock-down, I was in Noosa, Byron Bay and Sydney. In retrospect, it must be said that the time in the lock-down was probably nowhere in the world faster than in Australia on the Sunshine Coast. The beach in Mooloolaba was still passable despite the lock-down, so I used the free time for surfing. I learned to dive and the connection within the student accommodation in Varsity became stronger. You got to know many new people, even if a large part flew back to their home countries at the beginning of the crisis.

All in all, I had a great time at the USC and I am proud to be a part of the USCi Brand Ambassador program.

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Melanie Dammerer from the University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication Vienna studying a Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) at USC Sunshine Coast

Three tips for international students studying at USC

My name is Melanie Dammerer and I am from Austria. As part of my educational career, I always wanted to study abroad in the setting of a different lifestyle. Due to the weather, the high academic reputation of the institutions across the country and the social life, Australia has become a popular destination for international students.

As the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Queensland, Australia, is a partner university of my hometown university FHWien der WKW in Vienna, Austria, I decided to enrol in a Double Degree Program. This enables me to graduate with two bachelor degrees in the field of professional communication.

After two semesters of studying at USC on campus as well as online, I have figured out three key things you should always keep in mind.

            Stay connected

Australia is a multicultural country with people from diverse backgrounds. Australian people are very warm and welcoming. The diversity has enabled them to be tolerant of other people’s views. For a student from overseas, it is the perfect environment for learning as you get to meet students from different cultures, which can show you new perspectives.

As mentioned above, Australia is multicultural, so try and keep an open mind, because you will experience new things. Also, as you are coming into a new environment, there is a chance that you will feel homesick. To deal with that, consider your new friends as a family or see a counsellor of the university.

I recommend attending the orientation weeks at university which always take place one week before classes commence. USC provides a range of activities to get to know the campus. They are ideal to connect with Australian domestics as well as with international students.

            Stay curious

Studying in Australia is about learning as well as about exploration. The Sunshine Coast has many tourist attractions to offer and places you can visit. There are museums, restaurants, parks, gardens and beaches.

I recommend visiting Australia Zoo which is famous for Steve Irwin, “The Crocodile Hunter”. Kondalilla National Park with its walking trail past rock pools down to one of the most spectacular falls on the Sunshine Coast and Noosa are both worth visiting.

If you like to go for a swim, the beaches around Mooloolaba are one of the best beach spots in Australia besides my favourite one: Rainbow Beach.

All of them have clear blue waters and golden sands, which is ideal for either a stroll or surfing. Also, you can access Rainbow Beach with a 4WD and drive on the sand.


            Stay focused

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic 2020, USC adapted teaching to continue online. When the Austrian government asked citizens to return home, I didn’t know what to do. My friend asked me what was the main reason for me to come to Australia. As I had planned to go abroad for a whole year, I decided to stay and finish my studies in Australia.

So, if there is one thing I want you to know after reading this text, always remember what you want to achieve and stick to that. Studying abroad will not always be easy and you may experience unforeseen difficulties. Either way, you have to deal with those, so start integrating a healthy lifestyle with your study duties and leisure activities as soon as you are settled in.

Like in many other countries, you have to be prepared in terms of housing as well as health care. They can be a bit expensive. However, if you are planning your stay carefully, you will get the most out of it.


Besides the high expenses and the far distance from home, you will enjoy studying in Australia as you broaden your horizon and make new friends from all over the world. If you have any questions or you are just happy to chat about personal experiences, add me on Instagram (@melanie_dammerer) or message me on Facebook.

Peter Buchen from Fulda University of Applied Sciences in Germany studying abroad at USC Sunshine Coast

TassieHi, my name is Peter and I am studying International Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda in Germany. During our studies we have to undertake an obligatory semester abroad, which has (fortunately) led me to study at the University of Sunshine Coast (USC) in Australia for one semester. As the name of the university already suggests, one can expect a lot of sunshine all year long.

Located on the east side of Australia, the USC campus in Sippy Downs is truly beautiful and located on a designated wildlife reserve. Therefore, it is almost common to encounter kangaroos, possums, birds and duck families when you walk to your lecture.  If you are lucky, they may accompany you on your way. But not only the campus is amazing, the nearby beaches offer the opportunity for having BBQ’s whilst watching the sunset, take surfing lessons or just to relax and enjoy life.

campus wildlife 2As an international student, and being quite far away from home, it is always challenging to adapt to the new circumstances. The peaceful Australian lifestyle and the no worries attitude definitely help to settle in quickly. The welcome events organised by USC also assisted to feel welcome and to meet new people. Furthermore, USC offers a wide range of workshops and a social sport program.

At USC, I attended three courses which consist of a two-hour lecture and a one-hour tutorial. While the lectures focus on theoretical knowledge, the tutorials emphasise on applying the gained knowledge by working on individual problems and questions. In contrast to Germany, where we only take one exam in each course per semester, the overall grade at the USC is made up by three different tasks for each course during the semester. Therefore, it is easy to follow on how you are performing in your course.

Mooloolaba beach

For me, another huge part of my semester abroad has been travelling and exploring Australia. It is nearly impossible to explore all of Australia’s gems in only one semester. However, prioritising your favourite spots or locations which you want to visit (and checking your wallet for enough cash) definitely helps. Even though studying during the semester abroad is important – you will always find time to travel. The given one-week semester break is a great opportunity for a road trip. We used the semester break for a short trip down to Tasmania. The landscape and weather are totally different than what we were used to at the Sunshine Coast. Moreover, I can recommend visiting Fraser Island by renting a 4WD. The lakes on Fraser Island are just astonishing.

Studying at USC has truly been a unique experience, which I can highly recommend. As advice: Travel, explore and fully experience life here by challenging yourself. Step outside your comfort zone and just embrace every opportunity and you will have a wonderful time.

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Lisa Wawrzinek from the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn in Germany studying a Master of International Business at USC Sunshine Coast


Hey! I’m Lisa and I study Business Management at the Heilbronn University Graduate School (HUGS) for my Masters.

For one semester, I am at University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Australia for my double degree in International Business Management. However, I am now going to stay longer to finish my master thesis here in Australia.

My road trip experience from the Sunny Coast to Sydney:

My friends and I decided to do a ten days’ trip to Sydney. Five days of driving down, and four days consisted of enjoying Sydney and with one day driving back to the Sunshine Coast.

Surfers Paradise/ Miami:

Our trip started with a highly extensive shopping trip to the Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast. Nice brands like Victoria’s Secret, UGG and Calvin Kleins were very cheap. After the shopping escalation, we drove to Miami next to Surfers paradise. In Miami, one of the most impressed views can be seen from the skyline of Surfers paradise (insider tip).

Brekkie in Byron

Byron Bay:

I love Byron Bay! During our first night there, wea decided to stay at the backpackers hostel which is a really nice hostel to stay at while exploring Byron. Byron is very beautiful and has a special vibe of feeling free and enjoying life to the fullest. Actually, the city is well known of as there are many tourists here and a popular surfing destination. This was our second time at Byron, and we decided to do the light house walk and went to every public beach. We searched for a lonely beach, which we found between rocks and after long hike, which was magic.


Angourie Beach

Our second night of our road trip was in Yamba. It is a small fishing townm, and at first, we were disappointed of Yamba. However, after walking around and seeing the calm and beauty of the nature at Yamba and Angourie Beach, it was absolutely stunning.

In Angourie, we went to the green and blue nature pools. I don’t recommend it as there were a lot of tourists there when we came, but there might be days to visit this place when it’s less crowded.

Coffs Harbour:

After Yamba, we drove down to Coffs Harbour. The city is known as the “banana town”. We decided to do our first stop to take a photo at the “Big Banana”, located in a fun park for children (can’t be overlooked). From there, went to the Forest Sky Pier, which is a plattform up in the mountains with an amazing view overlooking the city. If you drive to the platform, you have to stop at the self-service farmers food stalls to buy fresh avocados and bananas! Next to the pier, there are many options to do a rainforest track, keep an eye out for leeches!

Port Macquarie:

The fourth night was at Port Macquarie. We visited the Koala Rescue Hospital, which I recommend! In Port Macquarie, there are also many koala statues in the city.

Enjoying Newcastle!


The last stop before Sydney was Newcastle. We did the short memorial walk close to the beach. In addition, we also had a relaxing day at the beach. One of my friends is passionate about surfing and Newcastle has some amazing surf spots.


My favorite city is Sydney! Sydney’s city district is never the same but each quarter is its own little town with their own story.

Short overview of our activities and my recommendations:

  1. Bondi beach:

Beautiful beach and amazing waves, but it is a tourist sight. The pool at Icebergs it is amazing for pictures, but the entry is about 6.50$ per person.

  1. CBD

This is a shopping paradise and a nice city district. Tip: download the app Groupon for cheaper breakfast at amazing spots!

  1. Harbour Bridge and The opera

A must visit!

  1. Botanic garden

A very beautiful and calm place to be!

  1. Woolloomooloo Bay

Beautiful city district. We lived at the Asylum Hostel. I recommend the hostel, it was super clean, nice kitchen and smaller than others.

  1. Ferry to Manly

At Circular Quay, there are many private and public ferries everywhere: use the public ones (1,20$ a day!) to get to to Many in about 30min. You will have an amazing view of Sydney, the opera and the skyline. In saying that, we were a bit disappointed of our trip to Manly because tit was a very busy day, however this again depends on the day you decide to go (Weekends are normally the busiest).

  1. Chinatown

Download the App Liven (Dining Rewards App) for free vouchers/cheap prices! There are heaps of nice boutiques for shopping, and the chinese garden is beautiful to relax by. You can also buy weird things, like kangaroo lucky balls (!).

– Lisa Wawrzinek @lisawawrzinek

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Jasmin Sillah from the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in Germany: 3 things you should stop doing whilst studying in Australia!

img_6110.jpgHi! My name is Jasmin, and I’m currently enrolled in the Double Degree Program at the the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) School of Business. I will complete two semesters in Sippy Downs which will provide me with enough credits to go back to Germany next year to write my bachelor thesis in business psychology at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. Thus, I’ll have two bachelor’s degrees shortly after the end of my stay in Australia. Speaking of which, I’ll provide you with 3 helpful tips that can make your time abroad even better, if you stop doing those things!

3 things you should stop doing when you want to enjoy your stay in Australia!


1. Stop looking at your phone 24/7

This might be one of the hardest ones, especially for our generation! Of course, don’t forget to take lots of pictures and videos from the beautiful sceneries, beaches and animals in Australia, these are beautiful memories to look back on and cry your eyes out about when you are back home. Nevertheless, leaving your phone in your bag once in a while can help you to fully enjoy the marvellous moments you are experiencing overseas without distractions. I promise the best memories are stored in your head forever!

2. Stop speaking your native language

IMG_3651I bet we all wrote roughly the same sentence in our motivational letter: ‘I want to study abroad to improve my English communication skills’. Then do so! It is extremely easy to get carried away with a native group of students at USC as there are so many people with so many different backgrounds and you’ll find someone from your home country for sure. But this is something that hinders you a lot to experience the real Australia and not only the tourist version of it. Don’t be shy and start talking to people from other countries and especially to Australians! For sure, they will embrace it a lot, and you’ll get to know their culture from a whole new perspective.

3. Stop being too rigid about plans

IMG_6001I’m German, so I know about what I’m talking about right now. We love planning months ahead, making checklists, calculating every cent we pay and every minute we spend. Letting go of some of this control-behaviour can open up doors that were closed before. Live your life, be spontaneous and embrace change! Not everything will go according to plan and these moments are great opportunities to go with the flow and do what feels right. You won’t regret it!

– Jasmin Sillah @jasminsillah

Do you want to know more about studying at USC? Click here and enquire now!


Sabrina Birkhofer from Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society in Germany studying a Master of International Business (Double Degree) at USC Sunshine Coast

20190721_202156Hi, my name is Sabrina Birkhofer and I am from the University of Business and Society Ludwigshafen in Germany, where I am studying a Master of International Marketing Management. Because of the recent cooperation of my home university with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) I spent my last semester in Australia studying a Double Degree Program in International Business.

The campus is located on a beautiful nature reserve where you can often find kangaroos relaxing on the grass. The staff is really friendly and always willing to support you with your studies. Besides, USC offers a modern campus and teaching facilities such as the big library. I would highly recommend participating on the orientation week before the semester starts as it helps a lot to settle down on campus and get useful information about your studies. To afford the tuition fees and get some financial support, it is advisable to apply for scholarships before coming to Australia (for German students e.g. the DAAD offers different opportunities). Moreover, two of the student accommodations, Unicentral and Varsity, are located very close to the USC campus, but there are also many other possibilities for private accommodations close to the beach.

I really enjoyed the varied sports that were offered through USC Sport and joined the USC Badminton team, where we represented USC during the one-week midterm break at the Unisport Games down in Gold Coast. It was a great experience to compete against other Australian Universities and get to know many people from all over Australia.

20191202_182107As the workload at the USC can be intense some times with assignments to write during the semester, it can be smart to plan some time before or after the semester to travel the country. Therefore, I decided already in the beginning of the semester to plan some weeks of travel after my final assignments and visit the the bigger Australian cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. During weekends, the beautiful beaches in Mooloolaba and Maroochydore provide a great opportunity to recharge the batteries. Lastly, weekend trips to the Glasshouse Mountains and climbing Mount Coolum were a great experience where you can enjoy amazing views.

Here are some insider tips when you consider studying at the Sunshine Coast:

  1. Don‘t miss the amazing Australian food: Try banana bread and the Bundaberg ginger beer!
  2. Go to a place where you can hold a koala and stroke kangaroos (my best experience was the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane)
  3. Visit Fraser Island and make a stopover at awesome Noosa Beach and Rainbow beach
  4. Try surfing
  5. Travel from Melbourne to Adelaide along the Great Ocean Road and visit the Twelve Apostles, go to the Outback and visit Uluru (if you are brave sleep in a swag and enjoy the impressive starry sky), go to Perth and for one day to Rottnest Island, where you can visit the Quokkas (cutest animals i‘ve ever seen)

All in all, it was a great semester at the Sunshine Coast with lots of new experiences and kind new people and friends. For the future students- make the most of the time there and don’t forget to travel as much as you can in this beautiful country!



Lea Kern from Furtwangen University in Germany: 8 Tips for a Stress-free Road Trip!

lea-kern-10.jpgHi, my name is Lea and I am an exchange student from Furtwangen University in Germany. I am studying Advertising and Communication at USC Sunshine Coast for one semester. During my stay, road tripping was one of my favourite activities. To help you to have a stress-free road trip I have collected:

8 Tips for a stress-free road trip

1. Get up early

The sun rises between 5 and 6 am in Australia. To use the daylight, try to get up early, watch the sunrise and start the day stress-free.

2. Make a playlist in advance

You will spend a lot of time in the car – and maybe want to listen to music while cooking or relaxing at the beach. Make a playlist in advance which everyone can put their favourite music in.

3. Get a good insurance on your rental car

I recommend you to get a good insurance on your car if you decide to go on a road trip! Sometimes it can be worth it to check with any third party providers for a good insurance.

4. Take enough snacks with you

Especially if you travel with people who get hangry 😉

5. Take enough water with you

Around 3 litres for drinking every day per person is the minimum. Additionally, you need water for cooking, washing fruit and veggies, making coffee etc. You might be able to refill your water tanks at the camping sites but sometimes it’s not possible, so make sure you take some spare water with you.

6. Don’t plan on driving too much

Especially when you drive with more than one car, don’t underestimate how long it takes until everything is packed and everyone gets ready. 3-4 hours a day was the perfect time for us.

7. Don’t book too much in advance

Leave yourself the possibility to stay longer at a place you really like. Planning the next one or two days in advance is usually enough.

8. Take a car charger with you

Sometimes you won’t be able to find power outlets for days. A car charger will at least charge your phones, which you will probably need for navigation.

– Leah Kern

Johanna Fuersattel from OTH Regensburg in Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

Hey guys, my name is Johanna and I’m studying European Business at OTH Regensburg in Germany. Part of my bachelors’ program is the fantastic opportunity to do a double degree program at the University of the Sunshine Coast for one year. I am currently finishing my second and last semester here and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything I experienced and the amazing people I met that I will keep in my heart forever.

USC is a rather small university on the Sunshine Coast and is everything I wouldn’t have expected, compared to what I knew from my German university. Walking to my classes and saying hello to kangaroos living next to campus, spending my breaks laying in the sun and experiencing the beautiful weather are the things I will miss most about USC. Additionally, the student experience at USC is very different and classes are much more relaxed and open-minded than what I was used to. Instead of having one exam at the end of the semester, every course has about three tasks that are spread over 13 weeks of classes plus two weeks of exam period after the semester. This, and a system of lectures and tutorials where the students can deepen their knowledge and ask questions to their tutors, makes USC a very attractive destination to study.

But there is so much more than studying here. Drive for 15 minutes and find yourself at beautiful beaches, mountains and national parks, but also shopping centres and everything else you need. The Sunshine Coast is very local and chilled compared to big cities like Sydney or Melbourne, but if you have the urge to visit one of these: Brisbane is just a one hour drive away.

In my 4-month semester break, I had enough time to travel around Australia and do several road trips with friends I met at USC and at my student accommodation. Waking up in a different place every day, breakfast at the beach and camping in the most beautiful and remotest camping spots I have ever seen made these trips too amazing to end.

If you have the opportunity to come to this university, I definitely would recommend it. But be warned – once you’re here, you’ll never want to leave. I honestly had the time of my life at USC and I am sure that I will never experience something like it ever again.

Vera Trutmann from the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons in Switzerland studying at USC Sunshine Coast

I am currently studying Tourism at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, Switzerland. My university has a partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), where students are able to study in Australia for a year and graduate with an additional Bachelor. Thankfully, I got accepted for the double degree program and here I am.

The USC campus is located in Sippy Downs and is surrounded by nature where various animals can be seen. In contrast to most universities in Switzerland, the facilities are in one place and all the buildings are close to each other. In General, the courses are held in two hours’ lectures and one-hour tutorials. The professors are highly proficient and always helpful whenever they can. In addition to the lessons, the campus offers a variety of sports activities such as a fitness studio, an athletic facility, and an Olympic size swimming pool. Swimming in the pool after class was a great way for me to find a balance to my everyday university life.

Additionally, the beaches along the Coast are quite easy to reach by bus or car. What is a wonderful cooling down in the summer months is also wonderful during winter, as there is never snow on the Sunshine Coast.

I already travelled to Australia in the summer of 2017, so during my studies I only visit the places I liked best nearby. My favourite spots are Rainbow Beach and Byron Bay. Rainbow Beach is only 1.5 hours away and offers a beautiful campsite and sand dunes with a fantastic sea view. Byron Bay, it requires a 3-hour drive and you will arrive at a place with an open and pleasant ambience. Furthermore, the beaches and lighthouse trail are also worth a visit.

In summary, the USC offers everything I was looking for and it has been a good decision for my international degree program.

Marvin Staudt from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

On the 6th of February, I took a flight from Munich to Indonesia, which was the beginning of my ‘around the world trip’.  After having one week of the ‘island life’, I was on my way to the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Sippy Downs.

I am studying business informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, and I decided to apply for a double degree program for my master’s degree at USC. Thankfully I got accepted and I started to plan my trip immediately. After some research I found out that it is a great idea to combine this semester abroad and add some additional travel time to fly around the world. According to this, I decided to travel through South America after finishing the exchange semester.



I live right next to the USC Campus at one of the student accommodations called Varsity. From there, it is about a 5 minutes’ walk to get to the campus. The University offers a lot of additional activities, like social sport (volleyball, soccer, netball, gym…), every week at student guild or different kind of clubs. It’s never boring here, especially during my stay at Varsity 😉

Different beaches can be reached easily with public transportation or a car. Moreover, there are plenty of mountains around this area for hiking and to enjoy the sunset.



The study program in Australia is different to the one I was used to in Germany. I attend 4 courses during this semester, and I will just have 1 final exam. However, I have to finish many reports, essays, presentations and case studies during the whole semester. Therefore, the stressful learning period at the end of the semester, that I was used to in Germany, does not take place.



Nevertheless, there is plenty of time to explore and travel around Australia during the semester. It is easy to reach a flight to Melbourne and Sydney from the Sunshine Coast, which is pretty cheap. Furthermore, there are so many beautiful places along the east coast, like Byron Bay, Brisbane and Noosa. It is easy to travel there for just a weekend or some days. After the semester finishes, we have planned a road trip to Cairns with two campers for two and a half weeks, and then I will head to New Zealand and South America before I take the airplane back to Germany.

I am very thankful that I had this great opportunity to study at the Sunshine Coast in Australia and thank everyone who made this time legendary to me. I am looking forward to the next adventures of my trip and finally coming home to my family and friends.


Florentine Maerz from the University of Media, Communication and Business (HMKW) in Berlin studying at USC Sunshine Coast

Hi y’all! My name is Florentine and I’m studying Media and Business Psychology at HMKW in Berlin. On February 14th, I decided to leave Germany to spend my 4th semester in Australia at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

The semester started with an extensive Orientation Week where students can get all the information they need about the campus, the study system and life in Australia. Being able to attend all kind of workshops, it is the perfect way to get started and make some friends.

The campus is located in Sippy Downs which is in the centre of a nature reserve and has a lot to offer. From jumping kangaroos, a huge library, a gym, various coffee stands, a swimming pool and a sports team with various sports, and more. The campus has everything you need for a successful study experience.

The university consists of a very good personal support, it is very modern, well-structured and organised. The system consists of a broad variety of courses. One reason why I have chosen USC is because it made it easy for me to match my studies in Germany. This allowed me to enrol and receive a Diploma in General Studies. Through the online and in-class activities I am able to gain more theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Of course, it sometimes differs from my university back home in Germany where I have presentations, exams and essays to write during the semester. Nevertheless, I have plenty of time for travelling and discovering the country with friends. Another reason for choosing USC was definitely the great location, studying at the beautiful Sunshine Coast close to mountains, national parks, the ocean and many leisure possibilities. In addition, I live 5 minutes away from campus at the student accommodation Varsity Apartments, with the next beach in Mooloolaba, next to Maroochydore, just 20 minutes away by bus.

In the past few months and during my semester break I explored new cities, islands, food, and wildlife. Along the way, I’ve met some of the most incredible people. They have helped create my exchange semester to be one of my best and most interesting semesters so far. Together we explored parts of the Sunshine Coast, went on hikes, for example up to Mount Column, or to the Buderim waterfall for a quick dip. We’ve travelled together to Fiji and Bali making some truly unforgettable memories and experiences that will last a lifetime! Before going back to Germany, I definitely want to see more of Australia. I already have plans to travel down south to Victoria and up to far North Queensland.

The past few months I have learnt a lot, broadened my horizon and made friends for life from all over the world. I appreciate the great cooperation with students as well as the great support from the tutors and staff in all areas and offices. From personal experience, studying in another language, another university and another culture, it enriches one’s studies and also personality. I would highly recommend a semester abroad at USC Sunshine Coast to anyone who wants to get involved with something new and exciting.

With having not much time left I am already making plans to visit this country again someday in the near future, along with the amazing people I’ve met. I hope to be adventuring with them once again very soon!

Stay groovy!

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Nina Bonhoff from Aachen University of Applied Sciences in Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

pic4Check out Nina Bonhoff’s Australia Video here!

My name is Nina Bonhoff and I am studying International Business Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, Germany. In my last two semesters I decided to go abroad to complete my double degree program at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

I decided to live in one of the two student accommodations right next to campus and the lake. It gave me the opportunity to live with Australians and experience the student accommodation life, that I did not have in Germany. Besides spending time at the library and university, I had a great time hanging out with friends in our flats or at our pool. Not only kangaroos, but also birds and other pic2animals are a little bonus of studying next to Australia´s nature. The university is highly modern, and most teachers are very helpful with all questions or to meet regarding tasks. As there are way more assignments and tests during the semester compared to Germany, it was great that teachers and tutors responded fast and the university offers a free service to proofread assignments for grammatical mistakes.



Besides studying, there is lots of time to travel around the Sunshine Coast and Australia. Places I recommend going for a day or weekend because you can reach them by bus or train from the USC include:

  • Mooloolaba beach (15 min by bus)
  • Ocean Street Maroochydore (Bars, Restaurants and Clubs)
  • Noosa Heads Fairy Pools
  • Big Pineapple
  • Caloundra (great surf spot and markets)
  • Mount Coolum (a little hike)
  • Kondalilla Falls (hiking and waterfalls)
  • Australian Zoo (where you can pet kangaroos and koalas)

In my first mid-semester break I went to Sydney and Melbourne with friends I met here. My second break over Easter was a road trip to Cairns to dive at the Great Barrier Reef. There are too many places to travel to list them all, but my exchange year gave me the opportunity to visit them in between studying. I really enjoyed studying here and highly recommend that to everyone who wants to be at the beach 15 minutes after class to enjoy the sun. The USC offers not only the opportunity to study in a whole new environment and improve your English, but also meeting new people and travel Australia at the same time.

Kirsten Haas from Nuremberg Institute of Technology in Germany studying abroad at USC Sunshine Coast

I am studying international Business at the TH Nuremberg in Germany. My degree requires me to complete both an internship and a semester abroad. As I did an internship in London, I wanted to do my semester outside of Europe. Having travelled through Australia before, I decided to come back. I choose the USC as it has a great reputation and is close to so many beautiful places. One of my professors at home encouraged me to do a Double Degree here and luckily, I got accepted. The process was very easy, and questions were replied almost immediately.

The university is modern and well equipped. Lectures are recorded and tutorials prepare you for your assignments and exams. The staff is highly proficient. One of the professors gave us the great opportunity to take part in a ‘Business Breakfast’ at Caloundra Chamber of Commerce. The speaker of this event was Duncan Wardle, former Vice President of Innovation & Creativity at The Walt Disney Company. The workload is higher than in Germany, having approximately 3 assignments per course. However, USC offers various opportunities to get help with your tasks – from daily drop-in sessions to scheduled one on one meetings. I especially liked the various eateries on campus, including a sushi take away. Furthermore, it is not an unusual sight to see kangaroos on the way to or back from university.

The location of the university is unbeatable. Great spots that are close by include: Maleny waterfalls, Kondalilla waterfalls, Noosa national park (including the Fairy Pools), Eumundi Markets, Coolum beach, Mooloolaba beach, Maleny and much more. Brisbane can be reached by train within 1.5 hours (highly recommending Eat Street Market). On my weekends I went diving at local reefs and during the Australian ‘winter’ I went swimming with whales. The Student Guild also organised 3 trips during the first week, going to Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Noosa. During the study break you could easily go to Moreton Island, Fraser Island, Byron Bay, Gold Coast (Hinterland), the beautiful Whitsunday Island or even Sydney or Melbourne.

Tobias Kahl from Aachen University of Applied Sciences in Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

Hey everyone!

I am Tobias from Aachen, Germany currently studying one semester abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast. My university back home, FH Aachen, and USC, offer students the opportunity to participate in the Business Diploma program, which is a worldwide recognised certificate.

Studying at USC turns out to be the best time of my life, even though the workload at the USC is much higher compared to my home University in Aachen. The lectures are well structured and can even be viewed again online. Apart from this, a lot of help is offered from USC to achieve the best possible results on your assignments.


There are different kinds of student accommodation. They are called Uni Central, the Village and Varsity. I recommend students that are staying at USC for only one semester to stay at a student accommodation. It is the easiest way as your spot is assured and you do not have to do inspections once you get to Australia. I’ve spent my first semester at Varsity and I had a really good time there. Of course, there are also apartments near the beach that are a bit cheaper, but then you have to use the buses to get to the university. It is also a little more difficult to find contacts there because you then live outside the university.

Life outside of University

Besides working for the university, there is certainly time for travelling. The Sunshine Coast is perfectly located for this. There are many beautiful places close by, like:

Gold Coast; Brisbane; Noosa; Fraser Island; many different national parks …

I personally enjoyed the trips to the two metropolises Sydney and Melbourne, which I consider as two of the most beautiful cities in the world.

All in all, I don’t have words to express how grateful I am for this unique experience! I discovered an amazing continent and found friends for life.

Cheers, Tobi

Andreas Bayer from the University of Applied Sciences Landshut in Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

I am studying International Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut, Germany and completed an internship at a scale-up company in Amsterdam before I decided to continue my studies in Australia. Thankfully I got accepted for the USC double degree program for the last two semesters of my studies.

The campus is located in Sippy Downs in the middle of a nature reserve. Almost every day new animals came along the way around the campus. Shopping facilities are in the surroundings as well as two different student residences. Both have their merits and drawbacks, but it’s easy to make new friends all over the place.

The university is very modern-and well-structured which I particularly really liked. The one-hour tutorials were also very useful after the two-hour lectures. The instructors are highly proficient and the quality of tuition is also very satisfying. In summary, definitely the best decision for my international degree program.

Various of different beaches can be quickly reached by public transport or by car. For hikers, there is also plenty to enjoy. In general, Queensland has an abundance of things to discover and to enjoy. The offer is huge and it is definitely not getting monotonous in this area. Brisbane is about an hour away by car and worth for a little weekend-get away. Party lovers get a good time in The Valley District.

From Sunshine Coast Airport you can easily travel to Melbourne, Sydney and lots more.

In my semester break, I rented a camping van with some friends and travelled 2500 km to Cairns within three weeks. Almost every day I found myself in a new place or in a next larger city. Breakfast on the beach was now part of the everyday life and it was moreover the right time to escape the cold winter nights at the Sunshine Coast. A three-day sailing trip to Whitehaven Beach provided the opportunity for a great time exploring the whitest of beaches I’ve ever seen. Diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns was my personal highlight and a very special event at the end of our trip.

I am very pleased and grateful that I had the opportunity to experience my last year as a student here on the Sunshine Coast and thank everyone who made this time unforgettable.